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Antonio Calculon Jr... Bender.. Bender Action Figure.. Calculon.. Calculon's Half Brother.. Cartridge Unit.. the Chain Smoker.. Chapek City Mayor.. Clamps.. the Clear Cutter.. Concession Bot.. Cosmic Ray.. Crushinator.. Cylon.. Daisy May 128K.. Deacon.. Destructor.. DonBot.. FatBot.. Fender.. Femputer.. Flexo..

Well, I bit off a big one here! Mr Groening created rather a lot of our mechanical friends. Consider my robot registry to be a work in progress

Antonio Calculon, Jr.

Calculon's Son.

Bender Bending Rodriguez.

Elite Bending Unit. Planet Express Crew Robot.

Bender Action Figure

Bender's own action figure. He speaks on string pull.


Elite Thesbian robot. Richest robot on earth.

Calculon's Half Brother

This mysterious robot is known for his eloquence.


Long Obsolete Robot. Operating in permanent retirement somewhere in the South Pacific.

Please insert Cartridge "B".

the Chain Smoker

Ultimate Robot Fighting League robot. Headed for your favorite restaraunt.

Chapek City Mayor

Grand Marshall of the Human Hunt.


Robot Mafia Member. Made by the Donbot. The Bot to call when someone needs a good clamping.

the Clear Cutter

Ultimate Robot Fighting League robot. Made of and from parts unknown.

Concession Bot

He can hook you up with a super small Slurm.

Cosmic Ray

Original Cosmic Ray's is famous for its coal fired Pizza ovens.

the Countess De la Roca

The Countess was a well made bot that made Bender's acquaintance on the company's Titanic cruise.

the Crushinator

The Crushinator is a Lunar Farmer's robot daughter, sister to Daisy May 128K and Lulabelle 7.

She represented the Moon in the Miss Universe beauty contest.


Ruthless Robotic enemy of Humanity, from far across the universe. On tour with Garfunkel.

the Deacon

Deacon of the Church of Robotology.


Champion Ultimate Robot Fighting League robot. His employment on the battlefield is considered a war crime!

the DonBot

Leader of the Robot Mafia.

Daisy May 128K

Lunar Farmer's Robot Daughter. Sister to the Crushinator and Lulabelle 7.


Robot House pledge..


This is in fact a fembot masquerading behind a femputer interface. De Facto ruler of Amazonia..


Notorious Downtown Robot. Rumored to be a Jackker.


One of Benders brothers. Similar in appearance but sporting a "blues patch".