Subject :Doctor Zoidberg. . Species :Lobstoid. . Function :Doctor. . Voice :Billy West. .

Doctor Zoidberg enters the scene as Planet express' staff Doctor. He gave Fry his pre employment physical.

Doctor Zoidberg has the healer's instinct. Unfortunately it's coupled with very little knowledge of human anatomy. Fortuantely he gets the job done, albeit not usually on the first try. Unfortunately the doctor's alien, invertibrate nature makes him socially awkward

Of all of his people, only Zoidberg failed to mate in the most recent frenzy. He was distracted by his craw plak with Fry, but came out of it as the sole adult member of his race. Zoidberg was sworn in as an Earthican by Nixon's head after the Freedom Day flag eating incident.

Dedicated Web Site: Ask Doctor Zoidberg

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