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History and evolution of MotherDogStudios

MotherDog...A nurturing term...evolving from an article in the Houston Post...1986 Charlie Sartwelle and John Runnels engaged in a Collabritive Performance exposed at Lawndale's Art Annex. This peep-hole piece provoked the Post....and SPOT to publish a paper. Postulating the Positive, John and Charlie nurse artists,"accidental puppies",nourishing all... producing the puissant. Panting for more .... see below.

The Houston Post / Tues., September 23, 1986

Eric Gerber

Overexposed to art


Gladene, my girlfriend whom I escorted to the affair said the artistes were commenting about the latex voyageurism in all of us standing there watching. But, to me, it was just a guy in his undies talking dirty. I mean, I have always thought true Art should try to capture Life. But,

mother dog


, nobody ever said anything about holding it prisoner in a big black box afterwords, did they?

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"Art should never try to be popular. The public should make itself artistic."