John Runnels
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return 2 motherdog

AKA DaddyDawg

To make something from nothing is an old fashioned yet romantic idea that I think is noble. Absurdities take me out beyond where I can go; the artwork is the trophy of that experience. I used to work from the poetic possibilities of love; now, I use resentment to ARTiculate.

1985-05 Founder, Director, Mother Dog Studios and Museum of Modern Art

1993-00 Director, Buffalo Bayou Artpark

1996-03 Executive Committee, Treasurer, Annual Warehouse Art Crawl

To be an artist means more than to just paint. -Marcel Duchamp


What's New?

Social issues have snuck in the back door of my studio warehouse and I have responded quietly. Now, I refuse to stay in the studio knowing "all the world is a stage." Art in public places is more compelling than public art. The synaptic leap into the psyco-visual space of the community means pARTicipate. Situations that provide the opportunity for solutions are found on the ubiquitous walls of the cultural forest: abandoned buildings, t-shirts, sidewalks, highways, bridges, billboards, gimmie caps, railroad cars, doors, windows.....


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