John Runnels
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Art is a four letter word:

idea. to make something from nothing is an old fashioned yet romantic idea that i think is noble. i want to make something that is obscenely beautiful. freud said that art making was a form of foreplay and that while working, an artist is in a state of high arousal. my childhood treehouse in mississippi used to be that kind of timeless place where passions were forbidden during the ordinary daytime. secret, naughty and absurd are my favorite words. james joyce is my writer of choice. he preferred to listen to what we are not supposed to talk about: sexual secrets of adolescence. i used to paint but now

i photograph:

the camera can keep up with my thinking the best. i would say my single most important influence was the miniature library my father brought home: the world book encyclopedia, where text and image co-habitated uninhibitedly on fragrant pages : maps, charts, schematics, biographies and portraits of rebel generals with beards. my daily business is my life.... the nude deepens that transaction. the world of women, birds, books and words are the exposed naked nerves of my wanderlust. figures of speech are the double helix of a public and private dialogue. i keep asking why would a grown man be doing this? no rules: there is no right or wrong in a picture. my role as an artist is to stand for an excess of freedom.

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