John Runnels
state of the
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state of the

i am an american sex dreamer

gone mad - i only know what i love.

i don't remember being born

but i played very hard under

the bluemoons & rainrooms of childhood.

there is only one first time &

i know dreams come true -

perhaps that would explain

why a grown man would be doing this

I have lived in paris, mississippi,

rome, texas, little havana & treehouses.

i have held the most idiotic jobs

that you could ever imagine:

i was a picture framer in florence;

i was a pimp around jackson square

in new orleans; I was a snake farmer

deep in the everglades.

in new york city, i rented roller skates

to tourists in central park on sundays.

& for awhile, in the heart of saturday night,

i was a rocking roll star

known as johnny majestic.

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