Charlie Jean Sartwelle
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The most important element in my work is the idea I am trying to express.

From there, I move in the direction of least resistance, finding materials that can be recycled, that perhaps already have a history, such as the old quilts I paint on. Likewise, the old discarted windows become a house and the old decoys become metaphors for nature and the innocent. I like using found materials because they have a richness of soul that appeals to me.

On another level, I see possibilities in people and places. Mother Dog Studios is a collaboration of 17 artists spaces and a gallery space. Mother Dog has been in operation now for 10 years as an alternative space. As Co-founder and Director of Mother Dog Studios I have worked with all types of artists. I have also given support to the Buffalo Bayou Artpark, as the Director, with skills I learned from running Mother Dog Studios.

The Buffalo Bayou Artpark is another collaboration with Houston artists, the City of Houston Parks Department and the Municipal Arts Council. I have learned the skills for organizing, planning and obtaining an outdoor space for Houston artists to exhibit their artwork. We are an artist-run, non- profit and are receiving support from grants by local foundations. The office of the Buffalo Bayou Artpark is also located at Mother Dog Studios.

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