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Rabbit & Ix Chel as partners in lunar healing arts
In mythology, Rabbit is a scribe who records the Mayan lunar calendars.

Singing, spinning from her deepest being.
Each of us is a thread created by the Goddess in the Great Web of Life.

IX CHEL is the Mayan mother goddess, sometimes said to be the divine feminine counterpart of Itzama, the sky god.  She has a role to play in the "2012 arena" as Mother Earth transitions into the '5th Sun' of the Maya Long Count calendar.   To english speakers, her name sounds like 'egg shell', suggesting this diety's fecundity.  In her youthful form, she's the goddess of fertility, midwifery, medicine, childbirth, weaving and RAINBOWS.  Ix Chel is a moon goddess and, appropriately, her domain in the land of the Maya is the Caribbean coast where a temple built to her is still a destination for pilgrims who visit her island of Cozumel.  During ancestral times,  pregnant Maya women would paddle to the island to beseech Ix Chel's blessings for a healthy happy family.  Linguistically, Cozumel connects us to the honey bees and the sweetness of fertility.  "Mel" is the root word that refers to honey in several languages.  The Greek word, "mele" means bee prietess, and in Spanish the word 'miel' translates as honey.  Indeed, Cozumel was known to be a lush place where the honey bees thrived. Disappearing bees have now captured our attention and the sacred Mayan bees called Melapona are 'characters' in the 2012 drama that we're experiencing.  Amazing bees without stingers & their honey is used to cure cataracts!   Watch out for wrathful goddesses!  Recently, hurricanes in the Yucatan have decimated jungle areas where honey bees always visited flowers to find nectar and pollen.

IX CHEL temple on the island of Cozumel
IN HER WRATHFUL form as a watchful wise crone, Ix Chel is depicted pouring a gourd of water.  The Maya say that when the people grow out of balance with the sacred order of life, Ix Chel causes terrifying storms and hurricanes to cleanse the Earth.  In the above image, from the Mayan Codex, she looks very much like the glyph for water bearer Aquarius in the zodiac, and perhaps she is on the scene to help us transition out of the Piscean era and into a new golden age of peace, harmony, love and enlightened flower children!   Her snake headdress suggests the shedding of old skin as we evolve into our true human nature as custodians of this marvelous Earth garden paradise.
DRAGONFLY is shamanically associated with Ix Chel.  "Once, it is said, she took the Sun as her lover, but her grandfather hurled lightning jealously at the girl, killing her.  Grieving dragonflies sang over Ix Chel for 13 days, at the end of which time she emerged, whole and alive and followed her lover to his palace. 
But there the Sun in turn grew jealous of the goddess,  accusing her of taking a new lover: his brother, the morning star.  He threw Ix Chel from heaven, she found sanctuary with the vulture divinity, the Sun lured her home but immediately he grew jealous of her again.
Ix Chel, weary of the Sun's behaviour, left his home and his bed to wander the night as she wished, making herself invisible whenever he came near.  The night-riding goddess spent her energies in nursing the women of Earth through pregnancy and labour, taking special care of those who visited her sacred island of Cozumel."  (Patricia Monaghan, The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines)
June 3, 2009
Did Ix Chel create a mystical Dragonfly Crop Circle to convey her presence in the '2012 arena'?   Interestingly, the date of June '3' suggests that we have 3 years until 2012.    In ancient times, the goddesses were recognized as essential aspects of nature, as integral to Earth as clouds, stars, and flowers.  According to the Maya Long Count, we're completing a 5,125 year cycle of time  called the '4th Sun'.  At the onset of this era, according to archeological evidence, the goddess cultures began to be destroyed.  Today, on the cusp of the '5th Sun', certain significant goddesses such as Ix Chel are making themselves known.  We are wise to 'feed the holies' as did our ancestors in the times when life was in balance.
Lake Atitlan ~~ land of the Maya
14 February 2009
"When the Moon is in the 7th house . . . .and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
then peace will rule the planet and love will guide the stars. 
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. .  ."

"Honey Bees of the Venus Star" research quest brought me to the village of Panahachel on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  The date was Friday the 13th, 2009.  I was here to meet Maya bee shamans and discover the sacred bees. A very sweet beeginning to the journey in this part of Maya land.  As it turns out, the next day was Valentine's Day.  In this region of Guatemala the people say "Dia del Cariņo" meaning 'day of affection'.  And....it was the 'day of the heart to make a mark' with alignments right out of the much~loved song about the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!
"Dia de Cariņo" (Valentines' Day) en Panahachel
preparing for 2012
in the right place at the right time!
another goddess in Maya land for Valentines Day
Tonatzin is the Aztec Goddess of Winter Solstice who shape-shifted into Guadelupe

"Dia de Cariņo" at the market in Panahachel

how to prepare for 2012?
** stop and smell the flowers **
"ATITLAN" in Maya means
'place where the rainbow gets its colours'

Honey is an offering to the spirits who love their sweetness.

Honey Bees are called 'Emissaries of the Sun'
Mayan shamans consider honey a sacred substance
Every new 360 day Wayeb Calendar cycle
begins with 5 days 'out of time' with Fire Ceremonies



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