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ancient Chinese Dragon Goddess now influencing the "2012 drama"

NU KUA the Dragon Creatress
courtesy of artist Susanne Isles. ^click on image for details of Nu Kua's legend & fabulous art

The creator goddess of ancient China made the first human beings from yellow clay. At first, she carefully molded them. At length, finding this too tedious, Nu Kua just dipped a rope into slip-like clay and shook it so that drops splattered onto the ground. Thus were two types of beings born: from the molded figures, nobles; from the clay drops, peasants.

Later this serpent-bodied goddess quelled a rebellion against the heavenly order and, when the dying rebel chief shook heaven's pillars out of alignment, she restored order by melting multicolored stones to rebuild the blue sky. Finding other problems on earth, Nu Kua set about correcting them: she cut off the toes of a giant tortoise and used them to mark the compass's points; she burned reeds into ashes, using them to dam the flooding rivers. She also concerned herself with the chaos of human relations, and established rites of marriage so that children would be raised well. Order restored, Nu Kua retreated to the distant sky--her domain and her attribute.

gratefully quoted from Patricia Monaghan's The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines
according to other versions of the legend,
Nu Qua has a husband, Fu Hsi

Cultures in the east have never adopted the Roman calendar.  Their calendar follows the cycles of nature by combining the 5 elements with 12 different animals.  The Mayans also have devised calenders that align with natural cycles.  One of the Mayan calendars maps a 26,000 long count that's divided into five 'suns'.  On Winter Solstice, 2012, the Fourth Sun will end and the Mayan Fifth Sun begins.  According to the Chinese & Tibetan calendars, January 23, 2012 begins the year of the WATER DRAGON !   The Mayan elders in Guatemala are very aware of life out of balance as they examine the escalating Global Warming crisis around the Earth.  The elders  question whether or not humanity will actually reach the year 2012?   Nu Kua, the ancient Dragon Goddess has experience with restoring order to life out of balance.  The year 2012 promises to give her an opportunity to slay a few old dragons of the patriarchal paradigm that's been dishonouring the Sacred Feminine and the Earth Mother for far too long!

A Mayan Dragon of the Sun?
Kukulkan Feathered Serpent of Light descends temple stairs for the Equinoxes

Dyhani Ywahoo is a contemporary Cherokee who traces her lineage to a past lifetime as an exhalted Tibetan holy person.  At a young age, her grandparents recognized her as a holy woman and subsequently groomed her for a  very esteemed role.   Dyhani writes about 'Uk-kuk-a-duk' or 'Ukdena', the great dragons who used to protect this land (Turtle Island), who have now moved into another dimension.  "The connection between these dragons and the mind of humans is significant for our understanding in these changing times.   The dragons were energy moving in the wave pattern of Earth's energy.  They used to follow the will of the great medicine people who, with certain crystals, would call them to turn aside dangerous activity and thus protect the people.  The meidicne people became too few to give them proper guidance, and the dragons became weaker and weaker; many were tied into the mountains, and the intelligent ones vibrated themselves into another dimension.  The last dragon was seen in the Smoky Mountains in the  1700s. 
  Basically, the dragon is the uconscious of all nations, the untamed energies of anger and fear, waiting to be called into the light of clear thought.  Until people awaken to their own minds, the dragon appears to be dangerous; when emotions are tamed, the dragon becomes a winged angelic being."
text from Voices of Our Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire (1987)

DYHANI YWAHOO T'slagi & Buddhist spiritual teacher
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