DURGA >>----> Protectress Goddess
Egyptian Origins of White BUffalo Calf Woman
DURGA >>----> Protectress Goddess
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Summer Solstice 2006 .. . .the intense heat of summer season is exacerbated by Global Warming.  News of the imbalance is in the air & many feel hopeless. And exceptionally hot.  The Goddesses are aware. Their presence on Earth has been conveniently eradicated by the same patriarchal thinking that's dominated life here for too long.  A special protectress diety shows up for this Summer season....
Here is the legend of Durga >>>------->
   All goddesses in Hindu belief are ultimately the same goddess, often called simply "the Goddess" or Devi.  But she appears in different forms with different names.  One of the fiercest of Devi's forms is Durga.  She was also the eldest: during the primordial war between the gods and antigods, Durga was the first manifestation of goddess energy.
  The war was a standoff; neither side was winning and the battles dragged on without victory.  Almost hopeless, the gods gathered and concentrated their energies.  Flames sprang from their mouths and formed Durga, the first female divinity in the universe.  Although produced by the gods, the goddess was stronger than any of them, or all of them together, and she was fiercely eager to fight.
    Recognizing her power, the gods handed their weapons to Durga.  She mounted a lion to ride toward the antigods' chief, the demon Mahisa.  That magical being, terrified of this new apparition, used his powers to assume one fearsome form after another.  Still the goddess advanced, until finally, as the demon asumed the form of a buffao, Durga slaughtered him.  The demon nonetheless tried to escape through the dying beast's mouth, but Durga caught him by the hair and butchered him, thereby freeing the EARTH for the gods to inhabit.
   The goddess in this form not only symbolizes the fierce power of the combat against evil but also the rule of the intellectual sphere, for Durga ("unapproachable") represents the end of all things; to seek to understand her is to engage in the most powerful intellectual exploration possible."
 from the book Goddess and Heroines by Patricia Monaghan

Perhaps one or more of the evil gods sneaked back to muck with the Earth?  Or more precisely, to control the thinking of the victimized two-leggeds who mindlessly contribute to the Global Warming in their everyday routine lifestyle.  More information V

DURGA >>> Traditional Hindu image of the Goddess



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