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So far we have had seventeen male participants in the Moses DNA surname study with results posted. In addition there are 4 mtDNA results posted. Some of our male participants have been sponsored by a female researcher to represent the line that she researches. We encourage participants of both sexes to become involved in our study even though it is only the male DNA that is being compared on this site. The actual interpretation is somewhat complicated. There is great information on the FTDNA website that you can access from the first page of this website. If you would like help interpreting the results, feel free to contact me and I'll try to make FTDNA's explanations help you to make sense of the results.



Group #5:

We consider kits #24668 and 25066 to be a match making up group #5 

 Kit #24668 is a sample from a great grandson of DAVID LAFAYETTE MOSES, b. 1814-1825 Monroe Co. TN.. DAVID L. moved from Polk Co. TN. about 1845 to Mississippi, where he married SUSAN and had a son JOHN. It appears DAVID either left his wife and child or SUSAN and JOHN died, because DAVID L. was living in Monroe Co. AR. by 1860 and married second JUDITH RAGSDALE. In 1870 the family moved on to Tarrant Co. Later they moved to Bee Co. DAVID L. died in 1886 in Karnes Co. TX. Kit #24668 line is; DAVID L.>JOSHUA HOFFMAN MOSES> JOHN FRANKLIN>VERNON MOSES.

  Kit #25066 descends from the Moses family who ended up in NC by 1800, possibly earlier. David b. 1765> David b. 1803> William Athen> Zachary> William. The family mostly lived in Anson and Buncombe Counties in NC until Zachary moved to CA around 1910. 

Kit #25066 descends from the Moses family who ended up in NC by 1790, when David Moses is found on the census.
This line goes:
David b. 1765
David b.1803
William Athen
Zachary Pierce
William Carpenter Moses  

 Neither of these lines match any of the other tested MOSES lines in NC./SC./TN./GA./KY./New England. And  it has been established that both of these lines are exact matches to the line of a TALLENT family of NC. and TN..

These lines do not match with the other Moses family in the area at that time (John Moses). Also, these two lines have not lived in the same state since the early 1800s, which suggests that the common ancestor for this line lived before 1800. Interestingly, this line does match with the Tallent family, which suggests that this line may be the result of an illegitimate birth between a Moses mother and a Tallent father. In the 1763 NC tax census, John Moses is listed together with Aaron Tallent, suggesting that the two of them shared a house. John Moses had two daughters who would have been old enough to be the mother to David Moses b. 1765. Any information about the daughters of John Moses would be gratefully received by the researchers on this line, as we would like to find our common ancestor.


Group #2

We consider Kits #12304, #9783, #12783 #48225 and #19787 to be a match. John Moses of SC and Samuel Moses of NC and Joshua Moses of Whitley County, Ky. are thought to be the 3 brothers that were baptized in 1753 at Prince Frederick Winyah Church in South Carolina. The ages fit. Kit #9783 descends from Joshua Moses of Whitley County,KY. Kit #12783 also descends from Joshua Moses of Whitley County, KY. Kit #12304 is descended from the John Moses of SC mentioned above. Kit # 48225 from Samuel of Monroe County, TN. The researchers have hopes of proving that there paper trails will lead them to the three men baptized in 1753. These matches support that assumption.

Group #1 

Kit #7508, Kit #45336,  Kit #119449, and Kit #142046 are matches that make up the third group. Kit #7508 is believed to be descended from Johann Henrich Moses and Maria Philippina through their son Johann Peter Moses born on July 6, 1745 in Ibesheim, Germany. Peter's father Johann Heinrich Moses and his wife Maria Philippina are known to have been in Pennsylvania as early 1758. Peter married Elizabeth Andrae on May 14, 1769 in Montgomery, Pa. They had the following children: Catherine Linn, Cherley Phoebe, Elizabeth, Peter, Jr, Simon, John, Benjamin, Henry, Mary Polly, and Susanna. This participant's ancestors moved from Pa to Wisconsin, Louisianna, Illinois, and Ohio. Kit #45336 has earliest ancestor Johann Adam Moses born circa 1709 in Germany. See below links at the bottom for more information on this group on Mary Taffet's website.

Group #4:

Kit #N17612 and Kit #65192 match to form group #4. The paper trail for Kit #65192 shows through the research of Zebina Moses that he descends from John Moses of Plymouth Mass.

Click here for more information about the ancestry of Kit #N17612 in group #4


Group #3 have an earliest ancestor who is tought to be William Moses who is said to have been born in Nelson County, Virginia in 1785. He moved his family to Montgomery County, Virginia and many of his children lived their entire lives there. William's first wife is thought to have been Isabella Hill. This couple is said to have had the following children: Thomas b. 1810, Elizabeth b. 1810, Jonathan Allen b. 1811/12, Mary b. 1814, Mariah, Jacob b. 1816, William H. b.1823, Jane b. 1825, John Lewis b. 1827, Rebecca b. 1831, Charles b. 1836/37, Alexander b. 1833, Archie b. 1834. It may be that a second wife should have credit for some of William's children. We hope to find participants that descend from any and all of the eight men to substantiate the documentation that has led to the above list. 

Kits #55459 and #73392 also remain unmatched.




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