Rack systems are the #1 way to go if you need to utilize space.
Our systems take up only 10.5 square feet of floor space,
up to as high as your room will allow.


Frame construction: All of our racks are built using steel square
tubing and expanded metal. Units are securely welded together.

Modular frame: Each level is built to be stacked on an existing
level. You can customize your rack system from one level to as
high as your room will allow.

Tub style: Rodent tubs are made of black plastic. They have round
edges, which makes it very hard for the rodents to chew through.

Finish: All racks are finished with Powder Coat. This is a very heavy
duty finish, that will take allot of abuse and looks great too!!
Click here for a close-up photo of the powder coat finish.

Screen tops: All racks come with an expanded metal top. This allows
great ventilation, and uniform ambient heat within the tub.
The grated top also serves as the food hopper for our rodent racks.

Tub mounts: Our rodent tubs are mounted to the frame using a simple
mount, which supports the lip of the tub. For easy cleaning,
the tubs simply slide out of the rack.

Automated water: All rodent racks include one water valve per tub
and 3/8 " tubing (5 gallon bucket used as the water reservoir is not included).

Base: All rodent racks (except the one level unit) come with a base and four removable casters.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.