copyright Moria Merriweather, July 2002.
Thanks to Dana, Lyn, Andy, and Holly for your valuable feedback on the survey questions and format.
This file consists of directions for how to fill out and submit the chelation results survey. Please read through this file prior to beginning.

The primary purpose of this survey is to provide acurate information about the results of chelation, from people who are doing chelation. To be more specific:
1: to make useful "general" information available to people evaluating chelation.
2:  to make useful information available for people evaluating specific chelation methods, agents,  or products.
3: reading the survey results can be encouraging or inspiring.
4: people may have other specific information they are looking for (e.g. use of Rhogam) that can be researched by using the survey answers.
5: since the survey answers will be posted in the LOVE_LETTERS file, people who are reading posts in LOVE_LETTERS and find they want to know more about the particular case (e.g. what protocol, how long chelating, etc), will be able to refer to the survey form (if one has been submitted) in order to find further information on that specific person.

If you (or your child) are already listed in LOVE_LETTERS, but you really do not have the time or interest to fill in the whole survey, please submit at least some basic information such as:  age, diagnosis, length of time chelating, protocol and chelation agents used.

The survey form is long, so you may want to consider answering just some parts of the survey.

All participation is voluntary.  THANK YOU.

You need to have spent at least 1 month chelating yourself or your child for heavy metals (any heavy metal).  You can be using ANY method, protocol, chelation agents, or detox system.  The exception to this is that ANYONE who has decided to STOP chelating may post a survey responseThe results of people who have negative reactions are very much valued. Some people may decide immediately to discontinue chelation, and I would very much prefer to hear about this experience.  So, in this case (someone who has STOPPED chelation), there is no guideline to have chelated for a month.

This is an on-going survey, and you may submit your response at any time.

1. You must be a MEMBER of the Autism-Mercury list in order to post your survey results to the list.  You are welcome to join, and post your survey resposes, and then leave immediately, but you do have to be a member in order to post. The anonymous submission method (below) does not require joining the list. This is another option.
2. From a browser,  go to this location:   (You can either go to this location directly, or go to and select the file called "Survey_form".) You need to have  the survey_form file open, in a browser, so you can see the questions.
3. next, select the entire text of the survey_form file, and copy the entire text. (You can probably do this using the menu at the very very top of your browser window: do "Edit" "Select All", and then do "Edit" "Copy".)
4. next paste the text into a post to the autism-mercury list.  (This can be in an email message or by using the POST function on the website, which ever you prefer.) You can, most likely, "paste" by holding down the CTRL key while pressing the V key. (Then release both.) (If this is not familiar to you, give it a try. You may need to ask someone for help, or consult a book about "windows operating system", or whatever operating system you are using.)  If you are sending email, address it to
5. the subject line for your post should be:
Chelation Survey Response -- name of person being reported on
For example:
Chelation Survey Response -- Mickey Smith
If you wish to not state child's name (but are willing to state your own name), write:
Chelation Survey Response -- child of Jane Doe
(where Jane Doe is YOUR name)   (See also section on anonymous responses, below).
6. Leave ALL of the existing text in the survey form, and ADD lines with your answers to the questions.  Leave all the little "dashes" that are included in the file-- these are there to help differentiate the text YOU write from the form itself.  Answer each question on a blank line that you have added.  Just add as many lines as you need to answer each question.
7. You may answer as much or as few of the questions as you wish, but do not change the order or delete things.  The survey form is long, so you may want to consider answering just some parts of the survey. Answering all the questions if preferred, but it is up  to you.  If there is a question you do not want to answer, skip it.  You can write "N/A" if something does not apply in your case. Or "not known".  If there are some questions you don't want to answer, just skip them, leaving the question there.
8. You may write as much as you wish.  The only size limit is the limit on the size of a post -- which is 64K. That is pretty big-- you are unlikely to exceed this size.  Feel free to be as thorough and as detailed as you can.  The survey is NOT intended to be "cold", it is simply "structured" by the use of questions.  Please DO let your experiences, feelings, and thoughts come through.
9. When you have answered as much as you wish to, send your post to the list.

Your post will be read by many people when it is sent to the list. In addition, a link to your post will be added to the following file:

A. If you wish to answer the survey and wish to remain anonymous, follow the same instructions as above, except send your filled in survey to  In the subject line write:
Chelation Survey Response -- ANONYMOUS
Also, when filling in the item asking for the name of the person filling in the survey, write "anonymous". Andy has agreed to receive these emails and to then copy the text and post it to the list.  The post will then appear on the list FROM ANDY, with no indication of who sent it to Andy.

B. Please fill in a SEPARATE survey form for EACH person who is being chelated.  In other words, if a mom and 3  kids in the same family are all chelating, you would need to fill in 4 forms and send each one in separately.

C. Please feel free to fill in the entire survey over again from time to time as an "update".  Please send a survey response for any one person at the MOST once every 2 months.  That is, please do NOT send an update until 2 months have passed since your last survey response (for that person).   When sending in an update, please still answer ALL questions that you are willing to answer, repeating any information as needed.  Each submission should be "complete" and should not rely on prior information.  You can copy your prior survey responses if you want.

D. If you have questions about these instructions or need further information, please write to