HOW TO BUY and USE chelation agents
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  • How to buy ALA (alpha lipoic acid) How to buy DMSA
    DMSA generally requires a prescription. Therefore, one way to buy DMSA is to see a practitioner who is licensed to prescribe drugs, and who is willing to prescribe DMSA for you or your child. DMSA is generally available from pharmacies, and you should not have trouble obtaining it with a prescription. The brand name for prescription DMSA is "Chemet". (This is a capsule.)

    You can buy DMSA without a prescription from the sources listed below. There may be advantages or disadvantages for you to buy it by prescription verses over the counter. An advantage with a prescription is that you may have insurance that may covers much of the cost. Prescription DMSA can cost approximately $3 to $5 per capsule. OTC (non-prescription) DMSA costs about $1 per capsule. However, depending on insurance payment, the prescription DMSA may still work out to cost YOU less.  If you do not have insurance payment, then OTC (non-prescription) DMSA will be cheaper. Also, you don't have to have a doctor sign for it. You can consider these and other factors.  There are many reasons you may want to have a doctor directing and/or monitoring chelation, so this is also a factor to consider, and may be a disadvantage of OTC (non-prescription) DMSA.

    How to buy DMPS
    Note: DMPS is very much more expensive that DMSA. How to buy small dosages (ready made) Compounding Pharmacies (small doses made to order)

    (ALA / DMSA / DMPS):  Experienced compounders can make up pretty much whatever you need, just the way you want it.  This includes making a variety of forms where appropriate, including capsules, transdermals, flavored suspensions, suppositories, and (in some cases) injections. They can generally use a variety of fillers, and may be able to use tiny sizes of capsules.
    FIRST CAVEAT: some list members have posted about buying compounded products which they found out LATER where ineffective, such as DMSA in a liquid formulation. (This is unstable and will lose potency quickly.)   Compounding pharmacies are very useful for making stuff, but this is no assurance that the stuff you buy is really what you want--- you get what you order, or what your doctor orders..
    SECOND CAVEAT: some insurance companies will pay for pre-made Rx DMSA (brand name "Chemet") but will not pay for compounded DMSA.  You should check with your insurance company, or ask the pharmacy to do so, if you have insurance coverage to consider.
    COMMENT: Marcy -- beware of fillers, comments on using compounded formulas


    How to mix small dosages

    Mixing DMSA or ALA into juice, water, or food is a good way to divide it up into smaller doses, and a good way to prepare night-time doses before going to bed. Mixing into food or juice is also helpful for kids who don't easily swallow pills.

    Comments on mixing methods & getting kids to take stuff
    (This is just a small percentage of the great ideas that have been posted..............) Where to buy TTFD
    Note: this is not a recommendation to use TTFD

    Where to buy transdermal ALA
    Note: this is not a recommendation to use transdermal ALA