Recommendations for LOW FREQUENT dose chelation
(previous title: Andy Cutler's Recommendations for mercury chelation)
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INTRODUCTION (please read):

The information stated here is my understand of what Andy has said.  I'm quite sure I have it right, but  I'm not Andy. For what it is worth, I finally got tired of restating very basic things like dosages. Nothing personal, but I'm trying to "answer in URLs" more these days. If you'd like to hear Andy say this stuff (rather than me), you can look here: ANDY_INDEX.  While my main responsibility in this case is to pass along Andy's opinions without modifying their essence, it is also the case that I think these ideas are very worthwhile.  In other words, these are Andy's recommendations, and I think they are generally a very good idea.  [If you are not sure who Andy is, or what this is all about, ANDY_INDEX would also help with that. See section "who is Andy Cutler?"]

This information is basic, and is NOT meant to be a complete explanation. This is here as a place you can look up basic stuff,  like dosages. It is not the whole story. In particular, this file is missing information on SUPPLEMENTS to take during chelation.  Andy is very clear that supplements are important during chelation.  I have not summarized that information.  You can get a reasonable start on the topic here: ANDY_INDEX.html#supplements  Just read the items about "supplements recommended during chelation", which are located at the top of the SUPPLEMENTS section.

There is extreme disagreement about how to do mercury chelation.   This is just generally the case! It is the case "in general" about the "big" things -- and it is also the case "in specific" about the little tiny bitty details. Almost all of it is disagreed upon -- sometimes quite "hotly".  With this as background, it should come as no surprise that one can find sources (including experts) who will disagree with the recommendations given here. I assure you this is the case. That also applies to any other mercury chelation advise.  Opinions vary as to what works best, what is wise, what is dangerous, and what is foolish.  Whether you wish to follow this advise is up to you.  It's a free country.

Good wishes,


Which chelation agent(s) to use:

This is a somewhat complex topic, and there is not an obvious one-size-fits-all answer.  As an intro though, Andy does say the following things:

Dose frequency:
Ratio of DMSA to ALA (if using both):
Length of cycles:
How long to wait after amalgam replacement before chelating: