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Welcome to my home on the web.  This is a place where I can ramble incessantly, or put up pictures of anything I feel like making...and NO ONE can stop me! MWA-HAH-HAH-HAH!

Mistress of All She Surveys...
My beloved cat, Freya, next to my tumbler...

This is Freya, about probably around 5 years old, close as I can tell...  No, I did not have the audacity to name her after the Goddess.  She chose the name herself -- I had adopted her (and the foster family gave her the name Tabitha Twitchit *shudder*, although she apparently never answered to it...  who would?) and we were in the car.  Now my CAR'S name is Freya (it's a long story), and I spoke to the car and addressed her as "Freya."  "Mrowr."  Hmmmm, "Freya."  "Mrowr."  Eek!  "So, your name is Freya..."  "Mrowr." 
So, her name is Freya.  Three times asked, three times answered.  She will steal anything that she can carry, particularly jewelry, or anything that I happen to be working on.  So somehow, the name works for her... :-D

Merlin, otherwise known as Mr. Grumbly...

This Merlin, aka Mr. Grumbly or Bear...  He's 20-something, and has attitude because of it.  In general I think he was a Golden Lab in his last life, and just hasn't gotten over it.  :-)  Sweet most of the time, but dumb as toast.  But don't let the blond fur and marmalade eyes fool you,  he's a Siamese through and through. I think he plans to live forever out of sheer Siamese cantakerousness.

A Tale of Two Tabbies
Freyja & Usna...this peace will last but a brief moment

Usna is the latest addition to my brood. He's almost two now, a male Maine Coon. He adopted me before I brought him home...he was the neighbor's cat and would come running over to cuddle with me when he saw me outdoors. The neighbors scarpered in the middle of the night, leaving two cats locked in the house. I managed to jimmy one of the windows to feed them, and was planning a commando raid when they came back one night to grab their stuff and kick out the cats.

I got both of them into the house and a friend immediately came and took the female, while I took Unamed Kitten to the vet. Yeah, well, he's here to stay and is named Usna. UUUUUS-NAAAAAAA! hee hee.

Groom ME, dammit!
Freyja is grumpy for lack of grooming

Freyja frequently walks over to Usna demanding to be groomed. Here she's cranky because he's grooming himself and NOT her. In a couple of minutes, she goes ballistic and bites his ear...he swats at her, pins her down, and...wait for it...grooms her. Mission accomplished.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Peter Gabriel
Favorite TV show: TV, what's that?
Favorite movie: 13th Warrior
Favorite book: American Gods
Favorite sports team: Sports? What's that?
Favorite food: Do you have an hour?

My Hobbies

I worship Heathen Gods; I play music and sing (very badly); I write haiku -- and occasionally other forms of poetry; I make stained glass, I etch glass, I make jewelry and chainmail -- generally I like to make stuff; I read copiously; and generally I do just about anything I think may be fun...

The latest scourge I made...

This is a scourge that I made for my coven, WillowStar, back when we were the study group known as DammmitStar, although the actual name was "This is Not a Coven, Dammit...Star."  Rhiannon declared Herself Patroness of "my group" in no uncertain terms, and so I made this for Her...  I had the statue, I found red deerskin thongs and I had an idea (and a really small drill bit!).  And the rest is history.

"The Enforcer"
My 16 lb, 16 year old me-wow...

This is Munchkin, my beloved, and yet insane, cat...  She died just shy of her 17th birthday, of advanced age and kidney failure.  It was mercifully quick and relatively peaceful, and she didn't suffer too much.  Good Hunting in the Summerlands, my Bella!

Pot au odhinn
Freya's new kitten

Introducing....Odhinn!  This is my little wanderer.  Odhinn is actually Freya's pet...although he LOVES me. This is when he was a little bit. He's now a sleek and gorgeous beast...and I can't get him to stay still for the camera. He'll steal anything that isn't nailed down and then look at you all innocent and say *What, me? I was just sitting here.* Aptly named, I would say.

Hmmmm...what to steal? What to steal?
Odhinn, all growed up :-)

He looks so sweet, so innocent. And yet he is the Lord of Thieves. Love that crafty little bastard!

I make glass and copper pentacles for fun...I would like to say "and profit" as well, but I haven't really tried selling them on any consistent basis.  I generally give them as gifts.  I like to patina the copper with a heat gun, which gives brilliant colors ranging from crimson to silvery white. I like the uncontrolled look, and with the petroglyph style art on the back, they look kinda like cave paintings. 

back of raven pentacle
This is a raven taking off...

back of pentacle with modified "Uffington Horse"
This was modified to make the Horse more curvy

reverse etched pentacle

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