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EF Hot Wheels (Centurion Command X Emprise Cari Destiny)  This winter head and  neck photo shows that Wheels has a naturally clean throat latch. He does not wear a neck wrap to shape it.  When you breed you have to look at what a stallion has naturally as that is all that is passed on to the offspring---not the man made alterations. 



A recent  Wheels head shot taken in September 2007.  This not only shows his beautifully shaped head, large eyes and great ears but radiates his presence.. This horse knows he is really special and it shows. Wheels passes on his beauty and refinement to his foals.


WHEELS  carries great Morgan bloodlines such as Waseeka's In Command, Waseeka's Nocturne, Upwey Ben Don, Fleetwing, Orcland Leader, Cornwallis, OCR.

Wheels has excellent body proportions, great shoulder with an upright neck, nice top line, wonderful tail carriage and his ears---they are THE best.


Wheels has a big, bold,  balanced trot---even barefoot!  His offspring are as good OR better than he is.   The mark of a truely great breeding stallion!!

A+++++ attitude!
All photos of Wheels are with a short bare foot and no chains or any type of enhancement to natural motion and ability



Wheels looks good just standing in the pasture---in his winter coat!

Wheels has a wonderful top line and excellent length of hip.


Four Seasons Farm #2

Four Season Farm #3





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