The Marx Brothers

The Marx Brothers
Duck Soup (1933)

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Released in 1933, this political satire is thought by many as their greatest movie. Rufus T. Firefly, Pinkie, Chicolini, and Bob Rolland defend Mrs. Teasdale and Freedonia's honor. Contains the classic mirror sequence, the hotdog stand and the climatic battle scene is not to be missed. (J. Bradley Main)

FIREFLY: To my dentist. Er .. 'Dear Dentist: Enclosed find cheque for five hundred dollars. Yours very truly.' Send that off immediately.
BOB:I'll ... er I'll have to enclose the cheque first.
FIREFLY: You do and I'll fire you.

In "Harpo speaks" one of the pictures is captioned, "Innocent Bystander watches Edgar Kennedy and small friend exchange slow burns, in 'Monkey Business'." The "small friend" is Billy Barty. The scene with Barty was cut before the film was released.

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Groucho Marx Rufus T. Firefly
Harpo Marx Pinky
Chico Marx Chicolini
Zeppo Marx Bob Roland
Margaret Dumont Mrs. Gloria Teasdale
Louis Calhern Ambassador Trentino
Raquel Torres Vera Marcal
Edgar Kennedy Lemonade Dealer
Edmund Breese Zander
William Worthington First Minister of Finance
Edwin Maxwell Secretary of War
Leonid Kinskey Agitator
Verna Hillie Secretary
George MacQuarrie First Judge
Fred Sullivan Second Judge
Davison Clark Second Minister of Finance
Charles B. Middleton Prosecutor
Eric Mayne Third Judge
Dale van Sickel A Palace Guard
Blanca Pinky's Horse
Dennis O'Keefe extra
E.H. Calvert 

Director  Leo McCarey
Written by  Bert Kalmar
  Harry Ruby
  Nat Perrin (additional dialogue)
  Arthur Sheekman (additional dialogue)
Music  Bert Kalmar
  Harry Ruby
Cinematography  Henry Sharp
Editor  LeRoy Stone
Art director  Hans Dreier
  Wiard B. Ihnen
Musical advisor  Arthur Johnston
Chief sound mixer  H.M. Lindgren
Producer  Herman J. Mankiewicz
Production company / Distribution  Paramount Productions / Paramount Distributing (A Paramount Picture)
Runtime  70 min.
New York Premiere  22 Nov 1933
Release date  24 Nov 1933
Featured in  Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
  Veillees d'armes (1994)
Spanish title  Sopa De Ganso
French title  La Soupe au canard
German title  Die Marx Brothers im Krieg
Swedish title  4 Fula Fiskar
Italian title  La guerra lampo dei fratelli Marx
Finnish title  Neljä naurettavaa naapuria

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