The Marx Brothers

The Marx Brothers
A Day at the Races (1937)

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Released in 1937, Groucho stars as Hugo Z. Hackenbush, a horse veterinarian who impersonates the Dr. of a sanatorium in danger of bankruptcy. An insane phone call to Florida, Chico selling race tips, Groucho's nutty medical exams and Harpo completely destroying a piano turning it into a harp are highlights. (J. Bradley Main)

TONY: Hey, come here. Sun-Up is the worst horse on the track.
HACKENBUSH: I notice he wins all the time.
TONY: Aw, that's-a just because he comes in first.

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Groucho Marx Doctor Hugo Z. Hackenbush
Harpo Marx Stuffy
Chico Marx Tony
Margaret Dumont Mrs. Emily Upjohn
Maureen O'Sullivan Judy Standish
Allan Jones Gil Stewart
Siegfried Ruman Dr. Leopold X. Steinberg
Douglas Dumbrille Morgan
Leonard Ceeley Whitmore
Esther Muir Flo Marlowe
Robert Middlemass Sheriff
Vivien Fay Solo Dancer
Frankie Darro Morgan's Jockey
Charles Trowbridge Dr. Wilmerding
Carole Landis Extra
Max Lucke Doctor
Edward Le Saint Doctor
Pat Flaherty Detective
Si Jenks Messenger
Hooper Atchley Race Judge
John Hyams Judge
Wilbur Mack Judge
Lee Murray Judge
Mary McLaren Nurse
Jack Norton Drunk
Jean Burt Telephone Operator
Ivie Anderson Herself (Singer)
Crinoline Choir Singers
Dorothy Danbridge bit role

Director  Sam Wood
Written by  George Oppenheimer
  Robert Pirosh (also story)
  George Seaton (also story)
  Al Boasberg (additional material, uncredited)
Music  Bronislau Kaper
  Walter Jurmann
Lyricist  Gus Kahn
Musical director  Franz Waxman
Musical Arranger  Roger Edens
Choral and orchestral Arranger  Leo Arnaud
Orchestrators  George Bassman
  Paul Marquardt
Cinematography  Joseph Ruttenberg
Editor  Frank E. Hull
Art director  Cedric Gibbons
  Stan Rogers
  Edwin B. Willis (set decorator)
Recording director  Douglas Shearer
Choreographer  Dave Gould
Costume design  Dolly Tree
Assistant directors  Robert A. Golden
  Al Shenberg
Producer  Max Siegel (associate)
  Irving Thalberg (uncredited)
  Lawrence Weingarten
  Sam Wood
Production company / Distribution  Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (Loew's Inc.)
Runtime  109 min.
Release date  11 Jun 1937
New York opening  17 Jun 1937
Spanish title  Un da en las carreras
French title  Un jour aux courses
German title  Das große Rennen
Swedish title  En dag pa Kapp-Lönngarna
Italian title  Un giorno alle corse
Finnish title  Piv kilpa-ajoissa

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