The Marx Brothers

The Marx Brothers
Copacabana (1947)


Groucho Marx Lionel Q. Deveraux
Carmen Miranda Carmen Navarro
Steve Cochran Steve Hunt
Gloria Jean Annie
Ralph Sanford Liggett
Andy Russell Himself
Andrew Toombes Murphy
Edgar Dearing Cop
Dewey Robinson Bouncer
Louis Sobol Himself
Earl Wilson Himself
Abel Green Himself
De Castro Sisters 
Raul and Eva Reyes 
Igor Dega 
Kay Gorcey 
Merle McHugh 
Dee Turnell 
Maxine Fife 
Tony Kelly 
Chili Williams 
Abigail Adams 
Jill Meredith 

Director  Alfred E. Green
Written by  Allen Boretz
  Howard Harris
  Laszlo Vadnay (story)
  Sydney R. Zelinka (additional dialogue)
Cinematography  Bert Glennon
Production designer  Duncan Cramer
Producer  Sam Coslow
Production company / Distribution  Beacon / United Artists
Runtime  90 min.
Release date  30 May 1947

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