The Marx Brothers

The Marx Brothers
At the Circus (1939)

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Groucho stars as professional shyster Lawyer J. Cheever Loophole in this 1939 release. The boys are trying to save the circus and again look to Margaret Dumont to provide the dough. Groucho sings one of his most famous songs
"Lydia, the Tattooed Lady"
. (J. Bradley Main)

LOOPHOLE: I'll bet your father spent the first year of your life throwing rocks at the stork.

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Groucho Marx J. Cheever Loophole
Harpo Marx Punchy
Chico Marx Antonio Pirelli
Margaret Dumont Mrs. Suzanna Dukesbury
Kenny Baker Jeff Wilson
Florence Rice Julie Randall
Eve Arden Peerless Pauline
Nat Pendleton Goliath
Fritz Feld Jardinet
James Burke John Carter
Jerry Marenghi Little Professor Atom
Barnett Parker Whitcomb
Frank Orth Chef in Diner
Emory Marnell Ringmaster
Irving Bacon Telegraph office clerk
Matt McHugh Cab Driver
Willie Best Redcap
Charles Gemora Gibraltar
Buck Mack Checker Player
Frank Darien Telegrapher

Director  Edward Buzzell
Written by  Irving Brecher
  Ben Hecht (uncredited)
Cinematography  Leonard M. Smith
Music  Harold Arlen
Lyricist  E.Y. Harburg
Musical director  Franz Waxman
Art directors  Cedric Gibbons
  Stan Rogers
Set decorator  Edwin B. Willis
Editor  William H. Terhune
Vocal and orchestral Arrangements  Murray Cutter
  George Bassman
  Ken Darby
Dance director  Bobby Conolly
Costume design  Dolly Tree (women)
  Valles (men)
Recording director  Douglas Shearer
Assistant director  Sandy Roth
Producer  Mervyn LeRoy
Production company / Distribution  Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (Loew's Inc.)
Runtime  87 min.
Release date  20 Oct 1939
New York opening  16 Nov 1939
Spanish title  Una tarde en el circo
French title  Un jour au cirque
German title  Die Marx Brothers im Zirkus
Italian title  Tre pazzi a zonzo
Finnish title  Päivä sirkuksessa

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