Phono-Graphix Instruction:
What You Can Expect

     Instruction in the Phono-Graphix method begins with a diagnostic evaluation that focuses on the skills and knowledge needed for reading and spelling. The results reveal the specific needs of the student and determine the student's starting point and recommended program length. This evaluation is conducted before formal lessons begin. Typically, we like to allow two to three hours but the actual amount of time varies with the student's age and the manner in which s/he approaches testing.

     The recommended length of the reading program for each student varies. It can take as little as 6-12 clinical sessions for many students to reach their grade level on word identification and word attack reading tests. Some students will take more time, but certainly will finish within 36 hours of clinical instruction. Spelling and reading fluency take longer to develop than reading skills but can be expected within several months of program completion, provided the student is given ample reading and spelling practice at home during this time.

    Program Cost
     Monte Toyon Learning Center charges $50/hour for instruction and diagnostic evaluation. Read America charges $39 for their student workbook. Their extended workbook, for $12, may be recommended as well.

    Program Implementations
     Typically, students work with the therapist one hour per week, with the parent/guardian leading homework activities between sessions using a parent support workbook. As a student nears completion of the recommended sessions, retesting (using alternative test forms) will verify that the student has improved sufficiently in reading skills and performance. It is always our goal for the student to be at or above his or her grade level in these areas.
    Normally, instruction is provided one-on-one, at the clinic, although other arrangements are possible. Parents/guardians are encouraged to sit in on sessions as needed to help them understand the reading method and better work with their child on the assigned homework and after program completion.

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