Phono-GraphixTM Instruction:
What You Can Expect

      About 45 minutes of homework is assigned at the end of each lesson to reinforce the work done with the reading therapist. It is an integral part of the reading program and greatly affects the speed of remediation.
     It is very important that the student have someone such as a parent, older sibling, or grandparent to guide him or her through each homework exercise. The therapist will request that this person attend the last 15 minutes of the weekly lesson. This allows the therapist to demonstrate the type of support that the student will need while doing the homework.
      While the homework assignments and the guidance that is required are simple, it is crucial that they be performed in the prescribed manner if the program is to be completed in the recommended amount of time. If the therapist sees that either of these are not happening, she may recommend that the student attend lessons twice a week.

      Lessons are billed for the month in advance and payment is requested by the 10th unless a weekly payment plan has been arranged.
      A 24 hour notice is requested for cancellations. Cancelled lessons count as “make-up” credits. We recommend that arrangements for a lesson make-up be made as soon as possible after a cancellation, so that consistency of purpose and reinforcement can be maintained in the student’s training . Make-up times are subject to availability.

      Certification Training in Phono-Graphix
      Monte Toyon Learning Center is licensed by Read America (the developers of Phono-Graphix) to offer certification training in the method. This is a 5-day, 35 hour intensive training course which is offered 9 different times throughout the year. The course is open to anyone interested in literacy issues: parents, home-schoolers, clinicians, tutors, classroom teachers, literacy volunteers. Contact us at 831-688-4411 for further information.

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