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There was a young hunter named Trent
Saw a bear in the door of his tent
He picked up his gun
And started to run
And nobody knows where he went
 --Tom Minkler, age 8

Some Of My Stuff

Read at your own risqué. May contain adult themes and language.  Beware of poetic licentiousness.

Better Late
The 90s
Love To Love
Figuratively Skating
Neckties That Blind

For more light-hearted fare see my Mirthy page.
Also two poems.

The 'Hood and Me
Here are a few articles i wrote about my neighborhood (the Downtown L.A. Arts District) and myself:
Al's Hotel: This one is about the building i've lived in for 16 years (written after i'd lived in it for 8) and appeared in edited form in the Arts District Citizen
On Being an Artist
A.D.D. Overfocused A.D.D.

L.A. Downtown Arts District
The following reviews of local events previously appeared on in a section called "Out And About," which we have just revived.
Photofighter Wins One By Rockout
North Side Represent, Part 1
Hangin’ At 1018 South Santa Fe
Fixate on This Creation

I'm thinking of writing a book and here are some draft chapters.  Feel free to make any comments or suggestions.
What is God?
Words and Meanings
What is God NOT?

Wedding Channel
The following articles appear(ed) on  Also i contributed much of the music lists.
Many of the articles have been moved, edited and updated over the years and the URLs have all been updated.
(Previously you could search on my last name "Minkler," but they've taken most of the bylines out.)

Here are the articles still on the site:
Renewal of Vows
Sober Reception: Here is my original version.
Invitation Price Factors, now called 7 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Invitations
Stationery Lifestyles, now called Choosing Your Personal Stationery

Here are a couple from my original files:
Punching The Wedding Clock:  At one point years ago the title was there with my byline, but no text.

These no longer exist as far as i can tell:
--Reception Music for the Whole Crowd (This has probably been collapsed into their massive music section.)
But here is the List of Songs i originally submitted.
--What About Me? Still had my byline for awhile...
--Alternative Processional Ideas


Published in  M.D. Computing (article not available online):

Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Internet: A Structured, Scalable Approach
by Robert H. Dolin, Liora Alschuler, Paul V. Biron, Lynne M. Fuller, Albinus H. Kim, W. Thomas Minkler,
Dwight Onaga, John E. Mattison
XML and other Web tools make dissemination of practice guidelines over the Internet possible and
available at point of care.

Writers Resources's Writing Resources

Books About Writing

On Writing Well
William Zinsser
How To Get Happily Published
Judith Appelbaum
The Forest For The Trees
Betsy Lerner

Books for Creative Inspiration

This is a list of suggested readings from a Topics In The Creative Process class I took at Virginia Tech in 1984.
I still haven't read any of them so you're on your own. :)
The Book Of Highs
Edward Rosenfield
Powers of Mind
Adam Smith
The Man Who Walked Through Time
Colin Fletcher
Pilgrim At Tinker Creek
Annie Dillard
On Death And Dying
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Inner  Tennis
W. Timothy Galway
A Critical Path
Buckminster Fuller
Zorba The Greek
Nikos Kanatzakis
The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel
Nikos Kanatzakis
Herman Hesse
The Glass Bead Game (Magister Ludi)
Herman Hesse
Giles Goat-Boy
John Barth
Time, Space and Knowledge
Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Richard Bach
Between Silence and Light
John Lobell
The Search
Tom Brown, Jr.
A Glimpse of Nothingness
Janwillem Van Der Wetering
Design With Nature
Ian McHarg

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