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Here are a bunch of copyrighted designs for T-shirts I'd like to sell from this site. I've completed a few shirts but not all of the designs are on fabric yet. Please let me know if there are any shirts you'd be interested in so that I can know which ones to concentrate on. As soon as I have enough completed shirts, I'll take, scan and post photos of them so you can see the finished product. Then I plan to set up online credit card purchasing. To see what I've learned about how to make shirts, visit my How To page.

This first page has the designs that I've made stencils for and/or painted on at least one side of a real shirt. The images below were created to simulate the handmade designs (except for "Modicum - Stripe" which was originally designed on computer).
Page two and three have designs I've made on computer, while I look for the right kind of transfer paper at a reasonable price.

(Modicum is my "band.")
( on an image to see a larger view.)

One Love

One Love - front One Love - back

Modicum - Stripe

Modicum stripe - front Modicum stripe - back

Modicum - Arrow

Modicum arrow - front Modicum arrow - back

Modicum - Square

Modicum square - front Modicum square - back

Round Peg

Round Peg - front Round Peg - back

No Boundary - "Sideways"
These next two shirts are inspired by the book "No Boundary," by Ken Wilber, using two diagrams he uses to
show how boundaries actually unite as opposed to separating what are really just complementary aspects of one whole.

No Boundary sideways - front No Boundary sideways - back

No Boundary - "Conned"

No Boundary conned - front No Boundary conned - back

(I can't sell this design because I think I "borrowed" it from a shirt I saw at an art fair.)

Flow - front Flow - back


Go to page two and three to see shirts I designed in Adobe Photoshop.

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