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Welcome to the world of modicum. No boundary. No "image," no "marketing," no "branding," no manipulation, no exploitation, no BS. Just channeling the vibrations of the universe: kicking ass with heart and soul and taking no political prisoners. People rule!

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modicum are:
Tom Minkler :
Tommy Gunn :
Tiny Tom Foolery :
free bassing
Jefe "the doc" Ritmo :

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soft & sweet
i love you more
doin' it all for love
sun all over
oh, judy
she said, i said>
seems so different
glorify you
god is a mirror
uno besito contigo
rise above
kwan's song
beef jerky (the verb)
don'ya know
that's why it's falling
hard & long
now i know who i am
in an angel's hand
ez4u2 say
terri in the maze
cracker back jack
bossa nova jones
i'm a whore
fill my hole
dealin w/my demons
kyrie eleison
my clock ticks 4U
sunrise in the city
jiptop jumprin'

A music freak and his imaginary friends
serve up tasty morsels of delicious crunch
laced with elements of punk, hip hop, jazz,
classical, noise and whatever.
To be continued...

Below is the song list from my first "demo" tape
(if you can call it that :).
Click for sound or check out the lyrics.
I'll probably use some of these songs on my first CD.

modicum: tagging your mind

modicum: morass
Click on it to see the full
folding cover with liner notes
deliver me
my clock ticks for you
my heart's in your hands
bedbug (undercover lover)
come true
just wanna rock
don't jump the gun
  - (hold your fire)
lookin' down
don't you want your own
the memory of one moment
livin' in the riddle
oh, judy
mother nature's daughter
in an angel's little hand
eye of the hurricane
state of mind
mind your own business
  (jeffrey dahmer's lament)
music of the ages
free jam '96


Music Style
Anything and everything. Each song should be its own trip. Chocolate-covered chaos, shellshocked sunshine, funkified freakfurters, damaged diamonds, battered beauty, buttered booty and lots of fun for everyone.

Musical Influences
Queen, The Muffs, MC5, Cornelius, Slapp Happy Humphrey, Hot Toasters, the deadwood divine, System Of A Down, Ben Harper, Zep, Scorpions, UFO, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Stryper, Apollo 440, Fatboy Slim, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Darrell Evans, Pizzicato Five, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Lionrock, God, etc.

Similar Artists
Hopefully nobody; my influences from Queen or the Muffs might show through on some imaginary planet I came from.

modicum: rise above, live in love Press Reviews
Nobody has heard of us yet, except for the following excerpts:

Artist History
I was born a middle-class white child, true without a clue. After i quit smoking crack i started writing a bunch of songs, then finally made a demo tape on a four-track a few years back. Now i'm just trying to get the right equipment to make them sound as beautiful as they do in my head. I'd like to do it all myself but i might need a singer. I guess that's about it. Oh, previous bands i was in include: Twinkle In An Eye, Pampered, Fussbudget, The Young Crayon-Eaters, The Shrinking Violets, Clueless Youth, The Band Geeks, Teenybopper, The Reborn, So Much For That, Degenerate, White Dreamers On Dope, Regeneration, Higher Power, The Dry Drunks, Free At Last, Fear of Success, How Do They Do It, Who Am I, What Is God, Make Love Not Money, People Rule, All For One, No Boundary. And now i am Modicum: A Contemporary Climax. Let's boogie.

Some other crap about me left over from before i updated this page:

I play guitar and laugh and sing - came to California with an achin' in my heart; also i tinkle on the keys and toot my own saxophone.

I've written hundreds of songs and captured 22 on a tape for copyright purposes. Now i finally got some recording software (it's only Cakewalk) and i'm working on my second batch. Once they're copyrighted, look out. Because when i get a job and a car, and some courage to play in public, i might be dangerous. Step aside, Ted Nugent. The Great White Buffalo has come to make a final stand, or die not trying.

So i took some of the songs to an NAS (National Association of Songwriters) tape-peddling session, but the guest industry reps wanted the songs professionally produced and recommended i should have all these contacts, etc. So if i do all that, what the F do i need them for? Screw it, let's form a band and make our own CDs. R you with me, people? Can i get a wetness?

My Equipment:

Ibanez SV470 electric guitar, black with gold hardware
Gallien-Krueger Backline 100 combo amp
Fender R.A.D. combo amp
Crate GX-15 combo amp
Cortez 6-string acoustic guitar
Crestwood nylon string acoustic guitar (borrowed from my friend Kirk)
Tele-Star electric guitar & amp
Dugain hand-crafted guitar picks
Cymbolic guitar picks
Brasilia stone guitar picks
VOX Wah-Wah
Zoom 505 Multi-effects processor
Kimball Upright Acoustic Piano - Anyone near L.A.want to buy this? 
Yamaha Alto Saxophone bought around 1973
Washburn 4-string banjo (originally owned by my grandparents)
Hohner MS Blues Harp harmonica (which I can't play yet either :)
Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm Section drum machine
Tascam Porta-07 Mini-studio 4-track recorder
Dell Dimension 4600 computer
Cakewalk recording software with FruityLoops Express
Reason Adapted for M-Audio
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card
Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX Speakers 
Check out these links to some cool L.A. musicians:
Age Beeka
Barry Holdship

Pedro's Blue Bongo is a great entertainment venue
in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles.

Al's Bar R.I.P.



Bandmates Wanted

To create versatile, cutting-edge music.  I'm looking for a drummer and bassist, and possibly a second guitarist or lead singer. (You be the judge; i could use a singer, yeah? :)  I like music that is melodic and straightforward but i want to create albums where each song sounds different (e.g., Queen's News Of The World, Cornelius' Fantasma) and incorporate styles ranging from Heavy Metal and Noise to Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronica and Classical.  I have written a shitload of songs and played music alone or in groups my whole life, but have minimal experience in the actual "rock group" or solo live setting.  As for you, i don't care about image or experience as long as you can play, you have a good cooperative "team" attitude and you want to be successful in making diverse, creative and likable music. Feel free to email me if you're interested!

Please help me find this stuff!

Can anyone help me find these?:


All-Time Top Lists

Below please find a list of my choices for the top 60 albums/CDs and 70 less-heard songs of all time, for your perusal. You can see I'm a bit high on Old School 70s rock and a bit dry on Motown and 80s "New Wave Pop," but overall I think I have a pretty good balance. All lists are still in progress, of course.

See more extended lists on my All-Time Best lists page, including:
The Best 150 Albums of all time.
The Best 250 Songs of all time (according to me).
The Best 1000 Songs (or so), alphabetized by category
Top 60 Albums of All Time

Impossible to assign an exact order. Also, to fit more in I grouped albums together by artist.

1. Queen - Queen I, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera, A Day At The Races, News Of The World, Jazz, The Game
2. MC5 - High Time
3. Led Zeppelin - I, IV, Physical Graffiti
4. Scorpions - In Trance, Tokyo Tapes, Lovedrive
5. UFO - Strangers In The Night
6. Eagles - Hotel California
7. Boston - More Than A Feeling
8. Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
9. Van Morrison - Moondance
10. The Muffs - The Muffs, Blonder and Blonder, Hamburger
11. Deep Purple - Live In Japan
12. Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien, Time Machine
13. Journey - Infinity
14. Bad Company - Bad Company
15. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
16. Billy Joel - The Stranger
17. Van Halen - I, Diver Down
18. Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs, Victims Of The Fury
19. Santana - Caravanserai, Supernatural
20. Lauren Hill - The Miseducation Of Lauren Hill
21. AC/DC - Highway To Hell, Back In Black
22. Marisa Monte - Mais
23. Billy Bragg - Workers Playtime
24. Cornelius - Fantasma, 69/96
25. Green Day - Dookie
26. Darrel Evans - Freedom
27. Triumph - R&R Machine, Just A Game, Allied Forces, Thunder 7
28. Rockpile - Seconds of Pleasure
29. Pretenders - Pretenders
30. Stryper - To Hell With The Devil
31. Rainbow - Down To Earth, Final Vinyl, others
32. Styx - Grand Illusion
33. Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
34. Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack
35. Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
36. Allman Brothers - Brothers And Sisters, Eat A Peach
37. Rolling Stones - Some Girls
38. Bob Seger - Stranger In Town, Live Bullett
39. The Knack - Get The Knack, But The Little Girls Understand
40. The Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bullocks
41. The Cars - The Cars
42. The Who - Who Are You?
43. Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes
44. Radiohead - Pablo Honey
45. Smashing Pumkins - Pisces Iscariot, Siamese Dream
46. Chris Thomas - Simple
47. Jackson Browne - Running On Empty
48. Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes
49. Wet Willie - Manorisms
50. Trooper - Thick As Theives
51. ZZ Top - Fandango, Tres Hombres, Tejas
52. Apollo 440 - Don't Get High On Your Own Supply
53. Urban Creep - Sea Level
54. Guns And Roses - Appetite For Destruction
55. Keb 'Mo - Keb 'Mo
56. Eddie Money - Eddie Money, No Control
57. Miss Angie - 100 Million Eyeballs
58. Roni Size - Reprazent
59. Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo
60. Aerosmith - Aerosmith, Toys In The Attic
Added since the year 2000:
Los Lonely Boys - self-titled
Sigur Rós - Agætis byrjun
Nellie Furtado - Whoa, Nellie!
Eva Cassidy - Live at Blues Alley, Songbird
U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind
Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out

Scorpions: In Trance

Naked Funk: Evolution Ending Queen cover
Queen: It's Late (USA) Queen (Japan)
Queen: Somebody To Love Queen: Tie Your Mother Down (Spanish)
The Best 70 Songs You Never Hear

Not that you've never heard these, but I had to shorten the list somehow. Also it was impossible to assign an order so I listed them alphabetically (by first name).
Anthrax - A.I.R.
Barry Holdship - From The Outside Looking In, Words Of Wisdon, It Hurts To Be That Way, Hang Me Out To Dry
The Beat - Rock And Roll Girl 
Beck - Fume
Ben Harper - I'll Rise, Ground On Down, Faded, Homeless Child, Number Three, Glory & Consequence, Mama's Trippin', Less, Burn To Shine, Forgiven
Big Wu - Kangaroo
Billy Joel - Summer Highland Falls
Billy Mann - Beat Myself Up, Mary On My Mind
Bloodgood - Messiah
Blue Oyster Cult - Last Days Of May, 7 Screaming Dizbusters, Redeemed (not to mention "Cities On Flame")
Choirboys - Run To Paradise
Daisy Chainsaw - Love Your Money
Danzig - How The Gods Kill
Dar Williams - Alleluia; The Baby Sitter's Here; Teenagers, Kick Our Butts
Darrell Evans - So Good To Me, You Bless Me, Freedom
Dave Alvin - King Of California
De La Soul - Eye Know
Delinquent Habits - If You Want Some, When The Stakes Are High
Dougie MacLean - Caladonia
Duke Daniels - Following A Star
Durutti Column - The Rest Of My Life, Blue Period
Earth Wind & Fire - I'll Write A Song For You 
Eddie Reader - The Exception
Eels - Last Stop This Town
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Theme Of Luxury, You Must Learn All Night Long, mpf (Mezzo Pianoforte), S'il Vous Plait 
G. Love And Special Sauce - Numbers
G.E. Smith - Fattnin' Frogs For Snakes, Forgotten Songs
His Majesty - Walk With Me
Hot Toasters - Fish And Doctor, Yukiwatari, Milk
India - Nunca Voy A Olvidarte, Vivir Lo Nuestro (w/ Michael Anthony)
Iris DeMent - Sweet Is The Melody, The Shores Of Jordan, My Life
Jackson Browne - Ready Or Not
Jefferson Starship - Fading Lady Light 
Jill Sobule - Merry Christmas From The Family
John Hiatt - Radio Girl
Jurassic 5 - Lesson 6: The Lecture, Swing Set
Karl Hendrix Trio - Some Girls Like Cigarettes, It Could Be A Miracle (Parts One and Two), If This Song Was A Cigarette, How's The Cat?
Keali'i Reichel - Kauanoeanuhea
Knack - That's What The Little Girls Do, I Want Ya, Hold On Tight And Don't Let Go, It's You
The Kry - Our God Reigns 
L.L. Cool J. - Crossroads
La Mosca Tse Tse - Para No Verte Mas
Lauren Hill - To Zion
Little Queenie And The Percolaters - My Darlin' New Orleans 
Love Jones - Whiskey, The Moon And Me
Lyndal's Burning - Don't Know Why
Mary Chapin Carpenter - This Shirt, Something Of A Dreamer
Maurício Periera - Imbarueri, Wanda
MC5 - Poison, Over & Over, Skunk (Sonically Speaking)
Mecca Normal - I Walk Alone
Meredith d'Ambrosio/Hank James Duo - Christmas Waltz
Mike Watt - Against The 70s, Drove Up from Pedro, Piss-Bottle Man, Sidemouse Advice, Maggot Brain
Muffs - Lucky Guy, Every Single Thing, Agony, On And On, and the rest of the first two CDs
Nancy Wilson - Kathy's Song
Nils Lofgren - Across The Tracks
Odin - Shining Love
Pink Floyd - The Gunners Dream
Pizzicato Five - I, Baby Love Child, Twiggy Twiggy/Twiggy Vs. James Bond, The Girl From Ipanema, Lesson 3003 (Part 1)
Pond - Gloria In Excelsis Deo
Queen - Doing Alright, Sheer Heart Attack, Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Great King Rat, The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke, Black Queen, You and I, Brighton Rock, Jealousy, In Only Seven Days, Ogre Battle, I Go Crazy, Earth (pre-Queen from Smile) 
Red House Painters - Have You Forgotten, Shadows, Summer Dress
Richard Shindell - The Ballad Of Mary Magdalene
Robbin Thompson - Candy Apple Red, Brite Eyes, Sweet Virginia Breeze
Sam & Joe - Fear Of Smell
Sigur Rós - any song from Agætis byrjun
Silvio Rodriguez - Monologo
Skip Castro Band - Christine, Little Lucille, Work Hard On Love, I Don't Wanna Work, Frustration
Slapp Happy Humphrey - Minna Yumede Arimashita
Smashing Pumpkins - Frail And Bedazzled
Steve Vai - Liberty, For The Love of God, Juice, Die To Live, The Boy From Seattle, Tender Surrender
Stop The Violence Movement - Self-Destruction
Stryper - Calling On You
Susan Tedeschi - It Hurt So Bad, Found Someone New
Tammy Wynette and George Jones - Golden Ring
Teknoe - Be Like Mike
Thin Lizzy - Rosalie (Live) 
Tom Lomaccio - Become Divine
Tommy Bolin - Dreamer
Trooper - Raise A Little Hell
Urban Creep - Tripping On Moonshine
Van Morrison - The Way Young Lovers Do
The Who - Guitar And Pen 
Wyclef Jean - Gunpowder 
ZZ Top - Blue Jean Blues

Your Stuff

I'd like to eventually make this page a place where I can post songs, lyrics or sound clips from anyone who is willing to share them.  Yeah, that's going to happen.  If you are interested in posting anything here, please let me know.  I'll have to figure out the logistics later (space, etc.). Maybe I should get some of my own clips up here first!  OK I did, and there's barely room for those. Nevermind. I still would like to do that someday though. Stop talking to myself.

Alternative Radio



Music is the soundtrack to your life.
-Dick Clark

If you write a song called "Infected," nobody will download it. 
-Tom Minkler

Jazz came to America three hundred years ago in chains. 
-Paul Whiteman

Long Live Rock and Roll.   -Rainbow

I like to Rock    -April Wine

Rock and Roll Is Good Time Music
-Jefferson Starship

We're gettin' off today; we'll pick you up and take you away....Smokin' -Boston

Don't Believe The Hype   -Public Enemy

Cities On Flame with Rock And Roll
-Blue Oyster Cult

We Will Rock You  -Queen

There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we'd all love one another.  -Frank Zappa 

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
-Red Auerbach

Music was invented to confirm human loneliness. 
-Lawrence Durrell

You are the music while the music lasts.
 -T. S. Eliot

Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!
-The MC5

Give me a laundry list and I'll set it to music. 
-Gioacchino Antonio Rossini

A good composer does not imitate; he steals. 
-Igor Stravinsky

I've got the music in me. -Heart (Bias/Boshell)

Today, music heralds... the establishment of a society of repetition in which nothing will happen anymore.  -Jacques Attali

We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school. -Bruce Springsteen

One nation under groove, getting down for the funk.  - Funkadelic, One Nation Under A Groove

A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges.  -Benny Green

If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.  -Zimbabwe Proverb

Country music is three chords and the truth. 
-Harlan Howard

Music should never be harmless.  
-Robbie Robertson

The high note is not the only thing.
 -Placido Domingo

I believe in music, I believe in love.
-Mac Davis

Links allows you to search the inventories of 3,200 different merchants with over 9 million items for sale.
Rarities I couldn't find that I found at GEMM:
Fear of Smell by Sam & Joe on a 12" compilation
Self-Destruction by The Stop The Violence Movement on 12"
Schemer Dreamer by Steve Walsh, formerly of Kansas - LP

Some quotes at top found at is an excellent online reference to over 7000 quotes from songs.
Massive amount of Lyrics of songs from the 60s and 70s at Loki's Lyrics page.

Here's a few other links to play with: Album
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