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So far I've concentrated on content, I'm not sure how confusing the navigation is yet or if the pages are the right size, and I plan to add more links, functionality and graphics to liven things up a bit. Plus as I mentioned elsewhere much of the commentary is still in progress, so will probably need to be edited and revised. The site is best viewed on Netscape 4.51 and maybe IE 4.72, with a 19" screen, though I tried to make the pages narrower than that. I hope you like what's here so far; feel free to make any comments or suggestions.

(To all the HTMLrrrrs that I ever asked to fix any formatting when I was in Quality Assurance: I am so, so, so, so, so, sorry I ever asked you to fix anything! Ack! Shoulda just LEFT it. :)  After really realizing what a pain it is to format all this crap and get it all straight, even when using Netscape Composer and only looking at two browsers, and knowing that you were hand-coding everything, I wish I had never asked you to fix anything. (Of course I hated having to check all those browsers just as much as you, but I'm still sorry! :)) Did I mention: ack!?

Check out my attempts to design a screw bullet, on the left below. Frankly, it has been quite a pain in the ass for something that seems like it shouldn't be that difficult. Can you tell I'm still working on it? Any suggestions? Which one do you think is better (1st, 2nd or 3rd)?

Important things to remember when viewing these pages:
I am not always right.
You are not always right. 
There are some people who have better web pages than me. 
I am under construction.  Some might say my foundation hasn't even been laid yet. 
My web page is under construction, too.  I know that most web pages are under construction; I'm just saying that some are more under construction than others.
All sampling of others' material is documented wherever possible (and I'll add more links ASAP).  The point of this is to show how great they are and to encourage viewers to investigate more material created by these geniuses and to PURCHASE it whenever possible (not that it's about money ;).  I am trying to represent you, not rip you off.  But if you don't like sharing your creativity and genius with others and sharing these pulchitrudinous pages with other artistic legends, just let me know and I'll remove your shit.
Anyone who would want their material removed sucks.
Those who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones.
He who smelt it, dealt it.
Pull my finger.

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