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Hey Jane, what's this freakin' monstrosity? 
It's one a them newfangled compooters.  Sposta be faster than a human brain. 
Yeah but can it cook? 
One day we'll each have one of these buggers our desks!  Sure, and men will walk on the moon.

Java Resources
HTML resources
Decorate Your Desktop

Cursors Galore

And it's easy to create your own; look no further:
Dierk's page - Dierk's List of Animated Cursors Windows 95/98 Shareware
Download this file, containing simple editors to make your own static or animated cursors, a musical note cursor I made,
and cool animated cursors like Calvin, Snoopy, Selma, The Lifeguard, Bart, Batman, and Mouse In a Microwave.
Put cursors in your Windows/Cursors folder and select them as Mouse/Pointers through your Control Panel. And let the fun begin.

Fonts Galore

Chank Fonts: The only one of my old font links that still works! Click on the Free link for some free ones, or buy others.

 Java Resources

Java at Sun Microsystems. Go right to the source!

HTML Resources

Creating a Successful Website
HTML Quick Reference from the University of Kansas. An excellent overview with simple examples.
The HTML Writers Guild
Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
Web Pages That Suck: How not to do it!
Webwork: An excellent Collection of HTML Writing Aids and Examples

Decorate your Desktop

Go to Alchemy Mindworks, Inc. and click on the Software link to find Graphic Workshop Professional, an AWESOME program that has been INVALUABLE to me in viewing, converting, resizing, cropping and otherwise manipulating graphics. I don't know what I would have done over the past few years without this program. They also make GIF Construction Set Professional, with which you can create transparent and animated images; plus other software you may find useful. Computer Wallpaper
Album Cover Art
Album There's a lot here.
Aphids Communications Resources for Icons, Images and Graphics
Cover Heaven ! Beautiful album covers from the 50s to the 70s. Pretty Cool.
Earthshots: Computer Wallpaper of NASA Earth Pictures from Satellites
SKDesigns: A variety of different Web Design info, including musical images

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