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Old cars kick the fiberglass out of new cars. Any car made since the 70s looks like a modified Honda Civic (except maybe some cars like Jags, some Benzes, Mustang 5.0s, some BMWs, Nissan 300 ZX, Mazda RX7, some Mitsubishi and a few exotic sports cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris).
Try a '64 T-bird on for size, mama. Open it up and let her rip. Ridin' low and flyin' high. Fiberglas is for wimps.
Gonna hit the highway like a batterin' ram; in a silver black phantom bird.

My beautiful birdie before she got killed in an auto accident (while parked):

Bluebird side view Bluebird side view Bluebird front view

Sorry, the images below have been removed for the time being because of limited server space and other priorities.
Eventually they'll be back!


1956 T-Bird
1965 T-Bird
1967 Ford GTO 
Ford GTO
1959 T-Bird
1966 Duesenberg
1953 Buick
1953 Buick
1955 Ford concept 
1954 Buick concept
1956 Packard
Pontiac Grand Prix
Plymouth Fury
1963 T-Bird
1964 T-Bird
1964 T-Bird
1939 Chevy Street Rod 1952 Ford F100
1965 "Blackout" T-Bird 1965 "Blackout' T-Bird
1965 "Blackout" T-Bird (back) 1964 "Blackout" T-Bird (interior)
1964 T-Bird Convertible
1956 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
1957 Chevy 210 1957 T-Bird
1963 Jaguar XKE 1964 Jaguar XKE
1967 Mustang 1955 Buick Special


Most of the links where I found the photos above are now defunct. Below are the links that still work, along with some sites I found while looking for a '64-'65 T-Bird. If anyone knows where I can get one, Turquoise or Aqua, to L.A. for less than $6000, please let me know!. and their Gallery of Featured Thunderbirds
Auto Trader Online
Automotive (Leisure and Recreation)
Buy Classic Cars
Calling All Cars
Car Checkers of America: A mobile computer and diagnostic inspection service. Title search for $20.
Cars On Line
Classic Car Source Home Page
Classic Car-Nection
Directory of /ktud/pictures including Internet Classic Cars
North American Auto
Thunderbird Cyber Nest

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