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Actress Frances Farmer
Actress Frances Farmer

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Ken Wilber No Boundary The best book I ever read.  If you haven't read him it should change your life.
Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy The awesome potential of the mind.
Joe Haldeman Mindbridge Bridge your mind one and for all.
J.R.R. Tolkein Lord of the Rings Wow, a Whole Other World.
Arthur C. Clarke 2001: A Space Odyssey Read it (quick, before next year!), and before you see the movie so you know what the hell is going on.
Steve Moss, Ed. The World's Shortest Stories Results of an annual contest to write real stories of 55 words or less, run by the editor of New Times.  This book will amaze and astonish you with what you can do in just that many words.  Read the book and then try it yourself!  Wait, I think we're almost at fifty-five... 
John R. Tunis World Series, 
Rookie Of The Year, 
The Kid From Tomkinsville, etc.
Great sport for kids of all ages.
Jim Kjelgaard Big Red, Irish Red, Snow Dog,
and many many more.
Wonderful books about animal nature for kids of all ages.
Richard Adams Watership Down Put your self in their feet.
Jean Auel Clan of the Cave Bear Incredible. Why we are the way we are.
Jack London Call of the Wild Wild and untamed.  What being part of the animal kingdom is all about.
? Red Fox (There is another one called "Volpes, the Red Fox")  I read this incredible book about life from the point of view of a wild fox when I was a kid.  If anyone knows the author please let me know.
Jack Handey Deep Thoughts series When I was about ten years old, we set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk in front of our house. But we didn't sell many glasses, and after a few hours, we took it down. I think that was the first time I realized that the world doesn't give a damn about you or anything you do. --Jack Handey
Arthur Gooden This is my great-uncle, who wrote awesome Westerns.  They're easy-to-read and you can't put 'em down.  I'm so proud of him. :)  Screw Louis L'Amour, man.
Richard Bolles What Color is Your Parachute,
The Three Boxes of Life
Can't figure out how to do for the rest of your life?  Read these.
Donald S. Passman All You Need To Know About the Music Business The best way to beat the system is to know the system.
Warren Farrel Why Men Are The Way They Are Read it and be enlightened.
Frank Storaska How to Say No To a Rapist and Live Everyone should read this book.
F.J. Shark How to be The Jerk Women Love For first-degree martyrs of any sex who are tired of being heart beaten. 
Madame L'Engle A Wrinkle in Time series Wrinkle your mind.
Frances Hodgson Burnette The Secret Garden So beautifully written you will cry.  Screw the movie.
E. L. Konigsburg From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler File this under child and find it under adult.
Beverly Cleary Runaway Ralph and others Of mice and boys and girls.
Books about Theology and Spirituality are listed on the Force page

Flick Picks
For everything you wanted to know about any movie, see the Internet Move Database.
Also check out these cool Haiku Movie Reviews

The Ninth Configuration Two words:  Awe-some.
Freeway Keifer Sutherland, Brooke Sheilds, and the girl.  Get on.
Jacob's Ladder Try and climb this fucker.
Best Seller Apt title.
Jagged Edge This'll have you hanging on the edge of your jagged seat.
D.O.A. This'll blow you O.A.
The Bad Lieutenant With a capital BAD.
Reservoir Dogs Killer.
Search and Destroy Christopher Walken.  Wonderfully off-beat, gruesome and freaky.  Walken t'all.
The Usual Suspects Even though the whole plan failed and the story doesn't really make any sense, this movie was incredible.
The Game Play it.
Strange Days The issue is not whether you are paranoid....the issue is whether you are paranoid enough.
Total Recall I can't recall if this was really great or really, really, great.
True Lies Fruit flies?  No; just a truly great movie.
True Romance Christian Slater, Dennis Hopper.  Say no more.  OK Christian Slater isn't that great, but I liked this.
The Gazebo This is an older black and white film I saw when I was younger: incredible!
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie Tom Sizemore, Sharon Stone. This won't put your dog to sleep. The neighbors, maybe...
Fight Club The first rule is: don't talk about Fight Club. But watch it because it's about so much more. 
The Paint Job Will Patton; Bebe Newirth can paint my job any time.  One of the coolest movies ever.  Wonderfully quirky and endearing.
Chasing Amy Make sure you catch this one.
Watch It Watch it.
The Pompatous of Love Not that great; not sure why I put it on this list.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Oh, you, watch this with your kids.
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Scrumpdillyicious
Clueless The Tao of Beverly Hills
The Opposite Sex and How to Live With Them Or not. How true.
There's Something About Mary 's hair.
The Pink Panther series Peter Sellers unparalleled.  Especially "The Return of..." and "...Strikes Again"
The Life of Brian Hilarious parody on the sheepishness of religion.  Save your faith for reality.
Monty Python and the The Holy Grail Bring a shrubbery and beware of innocent-looking rabbits.
Beetlejuice Drink up!
Bambi Meets Godzilla Best 15 seconds you'll ever spend.
Galaxy Quest Suprisingly hilarious; worth seeing for a quite a few completely unique moments of comedic genius.
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut A touching little story about heaven and hell, misguided political activism, and the tragic death of a kid named Kenny.
Frances Check out this tragic story of real life actress Frances Farmer.  Fuck hypocrisy.
Beaches Prepare to cry you an ocean.
Immortal Beloved Based on the life of Ludwig Van Beethoven.  Fuck jealousy and lies.
Meet John Doe Older black and white film; incredible.
The End of Violence we know it.
The Verdict Apt title
Ruby in Paradise Slow and sad; kind of like life.  You gotta love Ashley Judd.
Crumb And you thought your life was twisted.  Also watch this if you think you need a lot of (hell, ANY) coping skills to become rich and successful.
Hoop Dreams Score!
Science Fiction
2001: A Space Odyssey Awesomely beautiful.  But read the book first so you know what the hell is going on.
A Clockwork Orange Look up ultra-violence and horrorshow in the dictionary and see this.  But it has something guttiworks to say.
Star Wars Skip Part I but may the force be with the rest.  A most accurate concept of God.
Twisted Lives
Normal Life Anything but.  Abby someone?
Bliss Anything but.  Ignorance ain't it.
Henry: Portrat of a Serial Killer Disturbing and quite realistic (I mean as far as I'd know).
Jesus Christ Superstar Totally awesome -  my all-time favorite.  The soundtrack ROCKS. "The Show" on TV did a hilarious parody of this called "Jeepers Creepers."

Favorite Actors and Comedians

Tom Sizemore (Best character 
actor around today, maybe ever)
Carol Kane -- Will you marry me? Adam Ferrara
Robert DeNiro Sarah Jessica Parker -- If Carol says no and Matthew leaves, will you marry me? Jake Johannsen
Will Patton Ashley Judd -- Will you marry me too?  Ay caramba! Steven Wright
Dustin Hoffman Julia Louis-Dreyfuss -- Loved you on the show. Richard Pryor
Christopher Walken Ally Walker (Dr. Sam Watters on Profiler, plus other movie and TV credits.)  Wow. Sam Kinison
Dennis Hopper Goldie Hawn -- If Carol and Sarah say no and Kurt leaves, will you marry me? Ellen DeGeneres
Harvey Kietel Bebe Newirth -- If Carol says no, will you marry me and Sarah? Rosanne Barr
Robin Williams Laurie Metcalf (Rosanne's Sister on Rosanne, also in The Norm Show and other stuff) George Lopez
James Woods
Billy Bob Thornton
Lisa Wilhout (oldest daughter on the Tom [Arnold] Show - totally the cutest girl on TV at the time).  If I was 15 years younger would you marry me? Steve Martin
Emo Phillips
Al Pacino
Peter Falk
John Goodman
Maura Tierney (Lisa Miller on NewsRadio). Just moved to the top of the list! Evidently she's on ER now but up until I found this out I never watched that show. I guess I'll have to watch it now! Robin Williams
Denzel Washington Rita Saver (Friday late nights) Chris Rock
Vince Vaughan
Mickey Rourke
Barbara Striesand -- As a rule I hate that type of music but you are an awesome actress.  I don't care what they say, I liked what you said when you got your lifetime achievement award. Jack Handey
Tom Cruise.....NOT! 
Los Angeles Area News Anchors:
Linda Alvarez, KCBS 2 - Wow,  I'm in love. I even started watching this news all the way through!  (They should update her photo with her longer hair though :)
Terry Anzur, KTLA 5  News anchor - so cute; ...hey, where did she go?
KTTV Fox 11: They don't call it Fox for nothing! " :)
-Jean Martirez - Lord, have mercy. The picture of cute.
-Jillian Barberie - Beautiful but in that obnoxious, Shania Twain kind of way.
-Christine Devine
-Lisa Joyner - What a Fox!
KCAL 9: Sandra Mitchell - OMG 
     Mia Lee - Wheeeeeeee!  She's gotta be the most awesome of all.
Jennifer Bjorklund,  KNBC Channel 4 - What a Babe
Leslie Sykes, KABC Channel 7 - Wow
Ray Romano
What a show!
Oops I forgot Cheryl Ladd, the best babe of all. Where the hell is she?
OK let's add Jennifer Love Hewitt and Selma Hayek
And since I saw Halle Berry I forgot about all the others

Who do you love?
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