A Collectors Guide to MoD (UK) Watch Standards 1966-2002
new LITE Version as of 2 February 2005

ISBN: 0966072227
Publisher: Wicked Good Books

We have compiled all the MoD watch standards (not just those few available on line) from 1966 through 2002. These 47 plus spec's are in optimized Adobe Acrobat (.pdf ) format on one CD-ROM or in our Electronic version. Adobe Acrobat readers are available free via links in our README file on the CD or in the E-version.

The Guide contains a copy of our 32 page, A Collector's Guide to Ministry of Defence Watch Standards 1966-2002 (also in .pdf format). The copies of the 47 various standards are included free on the CD, as Def Stan requires. This 32 page Guide gives you, in a simple tabular format, an overview of all the standards, and it shows which watches are covered in each standard. We also have included drawings from the standards to help readers figure out which standard covers which watch.

Without this guide you would have to read each spec and memorize watches covered, because the spec names are non-descriptive. For example how would you know that, 66-4(Part 1) Issue 3 covers the MoD dive watches like the Rolex Mil Sub, the RN Omega SM 300, the Blancpain W10, or the early CWC automatic RN Dive? Or, that Chapter 3 of AP 112G-0815-1 covers the Mk II ?

This NEW LITE version of the MoD Guide contains all the same standards as the original 2 CD set, but compressed onto one CD-ROM. There is a very slight degredation in image quality as a result of this optimization, but it is NOT perceptible even in full-sized 8.5" by 11" printouts.

This has saved production and shipping costs, and so we are able to lower our price and shipping cost to you. MORE NEWS!! Also new on this Lite Version! The Guide contains hot links to each of the standards. Just click on the link in the guide and a new window opens with the standard you are interested in.

Included with this important reference are Ministry of Defence Standards for most of the significant British Military Watches issued since World War II. Here's a list of a few watches with standards included in this two-volume set:
• MoD Dive Watches: Rolex Mil Submariner, Royal Navy Omega Seamaster 300, Blancpain Army Dive,
• MoD chronographs (one and two button)
• RAF issues: Mk. 7A (6B/159); Mk.8 (6B/234); Mk.11 (6B/346); H. S. 9 (6B/551) ; Seiko RAF chronometers
• General Service Watches - e.g., 6B/910100; G-10's, W-10's; Smith's "W10",
• MoD Stop Watches & Chronometers (including Mk 3, 3A, Monte Carlo, 6B/60 Chronometer,
• MoD "NATO" watch straps including the current issue and the exotic brown RAF nylon and leather (6645-99-527-7059)
*** A total of 47 separate standards included on this CD-ROM ***

For those of you who collect MoD watches this should be an invaluable resource. Not only do we have ALL the standards for wrist watches, stop watches, pocket watches, straps, and the 6B/60 chronometer collected in one place, but each issue of the standard (from 1966 on) is included as well, so you can trace the evolution of the spec's over time. On this new LITE Edition we have also added a bonus standard - Defence Standard 00-25 Issue 1 (published in 2004) “Human Factors for Designers of Systems, Part 19: Human Engineering Domain - Technical Guidance and Data”. This 388 page document contains all the latest information on the ergonomics and human factors aspects of designing military equipment, including anything with a dial. Parts of this long document make interesting reading for watch and clock designers.

NB: Although this is a digital product, anything in this Guide can be printed by the owner, if a hardcopy is needed. Any standards, the Guide, any file can be converted to a paper copy if desired.

As of 3/15/2016 the CD version of this Guide is no longer available. You can only order the electronic version for download. The electronic version contains all of the same documents as the CD-ROM version. To purchase a copy of the MoD Guide you should use the email (shown below) with PayPal to send in $20 for electronic delivery anywhere in the world.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Guide and all the standards are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). If you don't have the Acrobat Reader 6.0 or newer installed on your computer, you'll need to take care of that before you can use the files on this Two-CD set. The Acrobat Reader is available free of charge from Adobe. Just follow the instructions at the link below to get your Reader set up.