Guv'ner is as Guv'ner does.  Perhaps that even says more than it should about a band that seems to be contrained by a few paragraphs let alone a sentence of summary.  Guv'ner is Charles Gansa and Pumpkin Wentzle.
Guv'ner is quirky, irreverent, sideways, all at once dissonant, suddenly to find the melody, hanging for a minute, only to tie the hook by bending it the opposite direction with some of the most thoughtful guitar riffs out there.  Pop music for the millennium for those that "know." Thank high powers neither Pumpkin nor Charles can sing past the verse.  The vocals add to the innocence, and unlike some false trappings elsewhere, this never strikes you as contrived.  While Guv'ner is not exactly the material you put on in your Mom's Camry while driving to your Grandmother's funeral in Ridgewood, NJ (words not chosen by accident), it's as addictive as a hairnet in a high school lunchroom.  This is JUST the kind of stuff you put on after going through the whole Indie stash, coming out the other side like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise fog-laden landscape of nerve gas pap.  It's Hard for Measy for You...   kh