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Extra Large Mahogany Stand-Absolutely Gorgeous!
(The wood for this stand alone cost me a fortune!)
Flare legs, Mitred frame top, nice scrollwork detail rail
26"long x  20"deep x 5" high
The grain on this wood is just fantastic.
Other larger Mahogany stands available custom order


Beautiful Walnut Burl Stand.
17"long x 13 deep x 3" high.
Flare leg and nice scrollwork detailing.
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Any size available custom order


Walnut Short Cascade Display Stand
7" x 7" x 7"
Other sizes available by custom order.
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Maple Burl Display Slab-

20 x14 x 3/4"  $100
This one is sold, but I have many different similar pieces/sizes 
ready to finish- email for availability and selection



Beautiful Walnut Cascade
Bonsai Stand
12" High x 6"square top
Other custom sizes available
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Walnut Pagoda style table
12" x 9" x 3" high.
Unique stand with dadoed rail contruction
Other sizes available.
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Large Walnut Bonsai Stand
Mitred Frame tabletop, Flare leg, Scrollwork rails.
17" long x 13-1/4" wide x 3-1/2" high
This one has outstanding Grain pattern-just beautiful!
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I also have 3 similar (different sized) stands in this same style ready to go-Click here to view them.More Walnut Stands


Walnut Burl Shohin Stand- 
Mitred Frame tabletop, Flare leg, Scrollwork rails.
12" long x   9" wide x  2/1/2" high
You've gotta see the wonderful burl grain on this one-Gorgeous!
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Other sizes always available.


Shohin Collection Stand
Walnut 20" x 20" x 6-1/2" Deep
Other sizes available custom order