Life at the 27th Ordnance 2

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I would like to give special thanks to CPL Kelly for taking time in sending me these pictures and for putting up with me and my begging for 3 months! To see more of CPL Kelly's pictures:
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SGT McLeod takes a nap on a company trip. SGT Cook   SGT Davis SGT Davis.
SSG Glover with his wife. SSG Glover   M. Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick taking a sip.
C. Kelly with SPC M. Schneck. Kelly and Schneck   Wenz PVT S. Wenz in the Barracks.
Signal Site's S. Moll with Commo's SPC D. Hillbish on top of a portion of the Berlin Wall. Moll and Hillbish   SSG Roth, SGT Dalton SSG Roth and SGT Dalton.
It's Promotion time! CPL Kelly gets promoted with Wenz to his right. Promotion Time!