“YOUTH VIOLENCE” -- superpredators to school shooters

New school shootings, old “white denial” (Alternet column)
The myth of “youth violence”
Real story left untold in Santee high school shooting
School shootings
Kids and guns
School shootings
Gradeschool murderers? Rarer than ever!
“Youth violence” hoax
Rolling Stone demonizes youth
Down These Mean Equestrian Trails... South County’s whiteboy-gangsta fable
What’s the Frequency, Sheriff?... “born-again Christian” with AK47 proves bigger danger than imaginary school gunboys
Percentage Politics... Pete Wilson whips up fraudulent fear of ‘burb kids to push Proposition 21
Get Soft on Crime... nice Orange County and San Francisco boast California’s biggest youth crime reductions
Manufacturing Fear... no school shootings, few guns, why are Orange County parents scared?
The New Barbarians... candidates hype “roving Asian gangs,” other false fears
The Imaginary Plague... veteran sociologist William Chambliss skewers crime-fear malarkey

Research papers
Race and imprisonment
Youth crime myths

Data tables (in text with tabs, under construction)
U.S. statistics

   US1. U.S. murder arrest rates, age 12 and younger, 1964-99:
Grade-school kids are NOT more murderous today (but less!)

US2. U.S. youth homicide arrest rate, 1980-99: White youth show no 1990s murder rise; poorer kids, huge cycles
US3. U.S. violent crime arrests, number and rate, 1970-99. FBI figures show biggest violence rise is among... middle-agers?
US4. U.S. Part I (serious felony) arrests by age, 1970-99: Teen crime rates show no increase; middle-aged crime skyrockets

California statistics
   CA1. Who shows the biggest increase in violent crime rates over last 25 years? White middle-agers.
CA2. Who shows the biggest increase in felony arrest rates over the last 25 years? White middle-agers (kids show big decline).
CA3. Who’s filling up California prisons? Middle-agers (young black men show big decline in imprisonment in the 1990s).
CA5. California youth violent crime arrests, raw numbers and
rates 1967-99, with race detail 1975-99

CA6. California youth felony arrest rates falling for 30 years. Raw numbers and rates 1957-99, with race detail 1975-99
CA8. California teen suicide, homicide, accident, drug overdose, and firearms death rates, rates by race, Latino ethnicity, 1985-98

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