Los Angeles Timesop-eds
Atlantic Monthly and 60 Minutes declare “ordinary teens” the new “apocalypse.” Alleged grownups, get a grip. (Los Angeles Times, April 21, 2002, Sunday Opinion)
Now it’s dysfunctional teenage brains--just as it was for blacks, women, Latinos. Will medical-social sycophants ever give up and admit biological determinism is bunk? (Los Angeles Times, February 17, 2002, Sunday Opinion)
Gen X is the latest “greatest generation,” reversing bad Baby Boomer trends despite selfish, negative elders
Real story left untold in Santee high school shooting
”Traffic” and War on Drugs reflect 1970 myths

...and Media Access Project’s response

School shootings
Teen curfews, driving laws, censorship
Today’s kids are always the “worst ever”
Teen suicide: sayonara

Youth Today columns

California's Winter of Hate

Binge Thinking

Gutless about gut issues

Kids, talk to your grownups...about Iraq

Do adult crime, do more than adult time


USA: No Freedom for Youth
AIDS, Whores, and Barcelona
Drug warriors, drug legalizers, lie shamelessly about youth
Robert Sharpe of Lindesmith-Center/Drug Policy Alliance responds
Is Joseph Califano a Gateway Drug?
Amazing: teenagers are individuals, not commodities for culture-nannies’ mindless experiments
America’s pointless “teen sex” squabble
Of Columbine and the WTC
Does “adolescent” mean “abstain from everything”?
Focus on your own damn character
Lies, damn lies, and “youth risk” surveys
Goodbye to a bad presidency
Unreality bites: blaming “the media”
Another teen heroin hoax
Teenage drinking
Kids and guns
This is your brain on...
School shootings
Kids, smoking, Joe Camel
Are kids today worse?

Media myths about youth (Extra! articles)
Gradeschool murderers? Rarer than ever!
Seventh grade oral (sex) legend
Raving and junk
Media myths about youth
”Youth violence” hoax
Rolling Stone demonizes youth
Phony teen drug scares

Writings for America’s finest altpaper, Orange County’s OCWeekly
The rise of the teenager who isn’t stupid--California’s new, mobile teen partiers drink, drive, don’t die.
Demographic Doom Averted! Orange County, younger, darker, and safer than ever, goes from premier white-flight bastion to among the largest multiracial regions in the world.
Down These Mean Equestrian Trails... South County’s whiteboy-gangsta fable
McGruff with Love Beads: Kid-Friendly San Francisco shows state’s (an nation’s) biggest drop in violent crime and youth homicide
What’s the Frequency, Sheriff?... “born-again Christian” with AK47 proves bigger danger than imaginary school gunboys
Apple Bongs... Orange County’s “war on drugs:” joke or tragedy?
Percentage Politics... Pete Wilson whips up fraudulent fear of ‘burb kids to push Proposition 21
Crash Test Dummies... new teen driving law crashes and burns
Get Soft on Crime... nice Orange County and San Francisco boast California’s biggest youth crime reductions
Manufacturing Fear... no school shootings, few guns, why are Orange County parents scared?
The New Barbarians... candidates hype “roving Asian gangs,” other false fears
The Imaginary Plague... veteran sociologist William Chambliss skewers crime-fear malarkey


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