The media, politicians, and the “experts” they love (is there a difference?) manufacture massive myths about youth

Media myths
Gradeschool murderers? Rarer than ever!
Raving and junk
Media myths about youth
”Youth violence” hoax
Rolling Stone demonizes youth
Phony teen drug scares
Manufacturing Fear... no school shootings, few guns, why are Orange County parents scared?

“Expert” and institutional myths
Focus on your own damn character
Lies, damn lies, and “youth risk” surveys
Another teen heroin hoax
Teenage drinking
Kids and guns
This is your brain on...
Kids, smoking, Joe Camel
Teen suicide: sayonara

Politician myths
Moral Poverty, Body Counts: Bush Drug Czar Nominee a Veteran of Policy Shambles (Alternet)
Goodbye to a bad presidency
Percentage Politics... Pete Wilson whips up fraudulent fear of ‘burb kids to push Proposition 21
The New Barbarians... candidates hype “roving Asian gangs,” other false fears

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