New studies show 21 drinking age, other “adolescent means abstain-from-everything” laws are bad ideas (Youth Today)
The New Drug Thugs No One Talks About: Old White Guys (Bad Subjects)
America’s War on Drugs gets dopier as respected reformers, led by the Lindesmith Center, jump on the “protect our children” soapbox (Alternet)
Yeah, right... video games, Joe Camel, and beer frogs are American kids’ big problems (Alternet)
Moral Poverty, Body Counts: Bush Drug Czar Nominee a Veteran of Policy Shambles (Alternet)
Ecstasy: Rave Drug or Pharmaceutical?
Raving and junk
Blaming media, ads, and pop culture -- the Left’s new escapism
“Traffic” and War on Drugs reflect 1970 myths

...and Media Access Project’s response
Another teen heroin hoax
This is your brain on...
Phony teen drug scares
Apple Bongs... Orange County’s “war on drugs:” joke or tragedy?

“Teenage” smoking
Kids, smoking, Joe Camel

“Teenage” drinking
Teenage drinking

The black teen suicide “epidemic”--how experts lie with statistics (Alternet)
Teen suicide: sayonara

Research papers
California white middle-agers display worst drug abuse crisis; youth of color show extraordinary declines, low rates of drug abuse -- so who’s the Drug War locking up?
California drug imprisonment study

U.S. and California youth data tables (in text with tabs, under construction)
   US6. U.S. teen suicide rates, black and white, by sex, 1950-98:
There’s no “epidemic,” or “increase” in teen suicide--in fact, teens of all races are safer from self-destructive deaths today than at any time in at least 50 years
CA4. Who are California’s worst drug abusers? You guessed it.
CA5. California youth violent crime arrests, raw numbers and
rates 1967-99, with race detail 1975-99

CA6. California youth felony arrest rates falling for 30 years. Raw numbers and rates 1957-99, with race detail 1975-99
CA7. California teen suicide, 1957-99: 30-year declines among all races,
both genders, raw numbers and rates by race, age, gender, method

CA8. California teen suicide, homicide, accident, drug overdose, and firearms death rates, rates by race, Latino ethnicity, 1985-99

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