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U.S. statistics

   US1. U.S. homicide arrest rate by age, 1970-2001:
Youth homicide arrests cyclical, show huge decline in 1990s

   US2. U.S. murder arrest rates, age 12 and younger, 1964-2000:
 Grade-school kids are NOT more murderous today (but less!)

   US3. U.S. youth homicide arrest rate, 1980-99:
White youth show no 1990s murder rise; poorer kids, huge cycles

   US4. U.S. violent crime arrests, number and rate, 1970-2001.
FBI figures show biggest violence rise is among... middle-agers?

   US5. U.S. Part I (serious felony) arrests by age, 1970-2000:
Teen crime rates show no increase; middle-aged crime skyrockets

   US6. U.S. teen and adult birth rates, 1917-99:
Teen sex? Over 80 years, teen birth rates uncannily parallel adult rates

   US7. U.S. teen suicide rates, black and white, by sex, 1950-98:
There’s no “epidemic,” or “increase” in teen suicide--in fact, teens of all races are safer from self-destructive deaths today than at any time in at least 50 years 

California statistics
   CA1. Who shows the biggest increase in violent crime rates over last 25 years? White middle-agers.

   CA2. Who shows the biggest increase in felony arrest rates over the last 25 years? White middle-agers (kids show big decline).

   CA3. Who’s filling up California prisons? Middle-agers (young black men show big decline in imprisonment in the 1990s).

   CA4. Who are California’s worst drug abusers? You guessed it.

   CA5. California youth violent crime arrests, raw numbers and
rates 1967-99, with race detail 1975-2001

   CA6. California youth felony arrest rates falling for 30 years. Raw numbers and rates 1957-2001, with race detail 1975-2001

   CA7. California teen suicide: 30-year declines among all races,
 both genders, raw numbers and rates by race, age, gender, method

   CA8. California teen suicide, homicide, accident, drug overdose, and firearms death rates, rates by race, Latino ethnicity, 1985-2000

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