Teen curfews, driving laws, censorship
Crash Test Dummies... new teen driving law crashes and burns
Focus on your own damn character
Lies, damn lies, and “youth risk” surveys
Goodbye to a bad presidency
Get Soft on Crime... nice Orange County and San Francisco boast California’s biggest youth crime reductions

Research papers
Youth curfew studies

California youth data tables (in text with tabs, under construction)

   CA4. Who are California’s worst drug abusers? You guessed it.
CA5. California youth violent crime arrests, raw numbers and
rates 1967-99, with race detail 1975-99

CA6. California youth felony arrest rates falling for 30 years. Raw numbers and rates 1957-99, with race detail 1975-99
CA7. California teen suicide: 30-year declines among all races,
both genders, raw numbers and rates by race, age, gender, method

CA8. California teen suicide, homicide, accident, drug overdose, and firearms death rates, rates by race, Latino ethnicity, 1985-98

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