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Mike Males was born in Oklahoma City in 1950 and promptly expelled from second grade. I hitchhiked to California in 1967, attended college, listened to much Doors, Hendrix, and 60s punk, smoked a fairly small amount of dope, and contributed just about nothing to the sexual revolution. I worked in anti-Vietnam War and civil rights movements, culminating in arrest and release for blocking the Santa Monica Freeway (with 3,000 protesters) and unheralded participation (with 100,000 others) in the 1969 San Francisco Moratorium. I worked for Portland (Oregon) Recycling as a bottle-breaker and newspaper-bundler in the early 1970s, authoring the city's recycling-alternative proposal. In the late 1970s and 1980s, I worked in youth programs, including wilderness projects for "at risk" youths and the Youth Conservation Corps in Olympic, Yellowstone, and Yosemite National Parks, for 10 years; was a newspaper reporter covering politics, government, and crime, for the Bozeman (Montana) Daily Chronicle; worked as an environmental lobbyist and initiative petition coordinator for the Environmental Information Center, Helena, Montana, in 1979-81; and returned to graduate school at the University of California, Irvine, in 1993 to study youth issues. Upon obtaining my Ph.D. in social ecology in October 1999, I moved to Santa Cruz, California, to be with my own kind (aging Sixties throwbacks) and am finding them as irritating as I am; however, I did enjoy living for 2 months with 25 Gen Yers in the back house of the Cesar Chavez Student Co-op on Beach Hill. I have authored many unconventional articles on youth issues such as crime, drug abuse, pregnancy, and economics, with recent articles published in the Western Criminology Review, Scribner's Encyclopedia on Violence in America, The Lancet, American Journal of Public Health, and Journal of School Health; texts such as Youth Violence and Crime, and the popular press, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post. In fall 2001, I taught “California Youth in Transition,” a sociology course I designed, at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and have since been assigned to teach five additional courses—Sociology of Law, Social Problems, Contemporary American Society, Drugs and Society, and Race and Criminal Justice (as a lecturer, or faculty spackle), and Youth and Crime, and Sociology of Men (which I also designed). Yes, it’s hell to work with talented-underachiever students(my favorite kind) on a redwooded campus with panoramic ocean views, but with intensive counseling, I might just be able to handle it. I've since returned to Oklahoma City to help with family... and pay lower rents.

Michael Arnold Males                                                                                          Bio and CV, January 2012


1700 NE 67th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111 USA

Tel.:    405/219-8539





Ph.D., Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine, CA, 1999.

BA, Political Science, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA, 1972.



Senior Researcher (1999 to present), Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, San Francisco. Resarch youth and crime issues.


Sociology Lecturer (September 2000-June 2006), Sociology Department, University of California, Santa Cruz. Teach: California Youth in Transition, Youth and Crime, Sociology of Men, Social Problems, Drugs and Society, Contemporary Social Issues, Race and Criminal Justice, Sociology of Law.


Sociology Instructor (Spring 1999), School of Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine. Taught: Populations.


Lecturer, (1995-99), to undergraduate and graduate classes in Juvenile Delinquency, Demography, Adolescent Development, and Criminology (University of California, Irvine);  Crime and Public Policy (California State University, Fullerton);  Sociology (University of Southern California);  Women's Studies (Chapman University);  Los Angeles Police Department continuing education (Delinquency Control Institute). 


Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant (1994-99), School of Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine.  Served as teaching assistant for Qualitative Field Research (the senior thesis seminar, involving helping students organize and write a major research paper), California Populations, Child Development, Epidemiology (introductory and advanced), Environmental Analysis.


Member, Adolescent Pregnancy Advisory Board (1997-99), California Wellness Foundation.


Member (1989-92) and president (1991-92), Montana Children's Trust Fund Board. Volunteer appointed by governor to administer state child abuse prevention program.


Consultant/researcher, tobacco control programs, American Cancer Society and National Institutes of Health, 1990-9.  Organized successful 1990 initiative drive to place raised tobacco tax on ballot;  organized Montana School Tobacco Referendum '91, won first place in Centers for Disease Control regional tobacco control competition;  authored case studies on Montana tobacco economics for National Institutes of Health.


Staff, youth development programs, including Youth Conservation Corps (1977, 1987, 1989), and other programs involved in wilderness, recreation, and youth advocacy work, 1977-92; authored legislation creating Montana Conservation Corps, 1983.


Staff writer, youth, political, and crime issues, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Montana, 1982-91.


Researcher/lobbyist, Montana Environmental Information Center, Helena, Montana, 1979-81.


Published and peer-reviewed research


Teenage Sex and Pregnancy: Modern Myths, Unsexy Realities. 240 pages. Praeger, 2010.


Kids and Guns: How Politicians, Experts, and the Media Fabricate Fear of Youth. Common Courage Press, 2001, ebook posted and updated at

Smoked: Why Joe Camel Is Still Smiling. 120 pages. Common Courage Press, 1999.

Framing Youth: Ten Myths About the New Generation. 360 pages. Common Courage, 1998.

The Scapegoat Generation: America's War on Adolescents. 330 pages. Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press, 1996.

Published papers and essays (1995-2004, to be updated, peer-reviewed noted with asterisk):

Males, M. (2004). “Teens Dating Adults: An Update.” Scotts Valley, CA: ETR Associates (online paper for Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention website, in press).

Macallair D., Males M. (2004). “A Failure of Good Intentions: An Analysis of Juvenile Justice Reform in San Francisco during the 1990s.” Review of Policy Research, 21:1, 63-78.*

Males, M. (2003, 3 March). “Generation War Is Driving California Budget Woes.” San Francisco Chronicle, p B5.

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Males, M. (2002, 17 February). “Latest Assault on Teens: It’s Their Brains.” Los Angeles Times, Opinion, p M3.

Males, M. (2001, 26 April). “The Greatest Generation: X.” Los Angeles Times, Opinion, p M1.

Males, M. (September 2000). “Vernon, Connecticut’s, youth curfew: The situations of youths cited and effects on crime.” Criminal Justice Policy Review, 11:3, pp 254-267.*
Males, M., Macallair D. (February 2000). Dispelling the Myth: California’s 25-year Decline in Juvenile Crime. Justice Policy Institute.

Males M., Macallair D. (2000). Drug Use and Justice: An Examination of California’s Drug Policy Enforcement. Justice Policy Institute http://www/
Males, M. (1999, 21 November). “For adults, ‘today's youth’ are always the worst.” Los Angeles Times, Opinion, p M1.
Males M., Macallair D. (1999, Fall). “The effect of ‘Three Strikes’ laws on crime in California, 1993-97.” Stanford Review of Law and Policy.*
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Males, M. (1998). “Children and Violence.” In Gottesman R. (editor), Encyclopedia of Violence in the United States. New York: Charles Scribner's & Sons (in press).*
Males, M. (1998, 29 April). “Five myths about teenagers and why adults believe them.” The New York Times, Special Section, Adolescents.
Males, M. (1998). “Adult partners and adult contexts of ‘teenage sex.’” Education and Urban Society, 30, 189-206.*
Males, M. (1997, 3 March). “Adolescents: Daughters or alien sociopaths?” Women's Health Supplement, The Lancet, 347, 21-24.*
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Males, M. & Chew, K.S.Y. (1996, April). “The ages of fathers in California adolescent births, 1993.” American Journal of Public Health, 86:4, 565-568.*
Males, M. (1996, March 8). “Putting child abuse back on the agenda.” The Lancet, 347.*
Males, M. (1995, 9 September). “It's the adults, stupid.” The New York Times, op-ed.
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Males, M. (1995). “Willie Horton Jr.: Myths of youth violence.” In Violence: A Reader. Philadelphia: St. Martin's Press, 1997.

Recent conference presentations (1997-2004, to be updated):

- Santa Cruz Youth Convergence, University of California, Santa Cruz, February 2004

- Comprehensive Health Education Foundation, keynote, Healthy Schools, Seattle, WA, February 2004.

- American Civil Liberties Forum, Proposition 54, Santa Cruz, CA. October 2003.

- Otis College, panel on youth and arts, Los Angeles, March 2003

- California State University, Dominguez Hills, youth issues seminar, Los Angeles, November 2002

- Rand Corporation, presentation on youth issues, Los Angeles, October 2002

- San Francisco Women’s Commission, Conference on Girls, July 2002

- Mt. St. Mary’s College, Psychology and Social Justice conference, Los Angeles, April 2002

- Children Now, California youth risk, Oakland, CA, December 2001
- Youth Build Conference, annual conference keynote, Kansas City, MO, October 2001

- American Sociological Association, Criminal Justice panel, Anaheim, CA, August 2001

- ETR Associates, teen pregnancy, Scotts Valley, CA, July 2001

- National 4-H Conference, Denver, Colorado, November 2000
- University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Adolescent Health, November 2000
- Orange County Probation Community Action Association, Santa Ana, CA, August 2000
- Youth Liberation Conference, Portland, OR, June 2000
-Youth Training, California Wellness Foundation, San Luis Obispo, CA , June 2000
- Los Angeles County Library Association, Los Angeles, April 2000
- National Conference for Community and Justice, Los Angeles, March 2000
- Juvenile Gun Violence Advisory Panel, Callifornia Attorney General's Office, Sacramento, November 1999
- Advancing Solutions to Adolescent Pregnancy, Seattle, October 1999
- Washington Community Mental Health Councils, Youth Violence, Seattle, September 1999
- Children's Institute International, Los Angeles, March 1999
- Juvenile Justice Centennial Panel, Northwestern University, Chicago, March 1999
- Fishtrap Writer s Conference, Joseph, Oregon, February 1999
- Testimony, ACLU of Connecticut, Vernon youth curfew, January 1999
- Youth and Media Conference, Mills College, Oakland, CA January 1999
- Kaiser-Permanente, Grand Rounde, Harbor City, CA, September 1998
- Congressional Black Caucus Spouses, Black Youth & Media, Washington, DC, September 1998
- Childhood Injury Prevention Conference, plenary, Sacramento, September 1998
- California Maternal and Child Health Conference, keynote, San Francisco, August 1998
- American Bar Association, Youth and the Law, Toronto, July 1998
- Testimony in Sale v Melton and the City of Charleston, (West
- Virginia ACLU), July 1998
- Children Now Conference, Children and the Media, Los Angeles, May 1998
- Hawaii Attorney General's Conference, Honolulu, April 1998
- California North Central Region 4H, Sacramento, April 1998
- National Conference for Community and Justice, Malibu, CA, April 1998
- California Juvenile Officers' Association, Laughlin, NV, March 1998
- Kentucky Conference of Christians and Jews, Louisville, KY, December 1997
- National Conference of State Legislatures, Portland, OR, October 1997
- Advancing Solutions to Adolescent Pregnancy, Seattle, WA, October 1997
- California Correctional Officers' Association, Riverside, CA, September 1997
- Los Angeles Public Defenders, Los Angeles, CA, April 1997
- Citrus Valley Health Centers "Teen Summit," Los Angeles, October 1997
- California Wellness Foundation (advisory board member), October 1997
- Hudson County Attorney's Conference, Jersey City, October 1997
- Idea Foundation Fellows Program (educators), Atlanta, Baltimore, Summer 1997


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