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The games that I'm currently playing (including Fantasy Baseball and Football on the Net) are listed below. Each section contains a summary of the status of that particular game as it currently stands.

[Perfect Rotation Fantasy Baseball]

[Full Count Fantasy Baseball]

[CSS Fantasy Football League]

[Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football]

[Republic of Rome]

[Advanced Civilization]

[History of the World]

Perfect Rotation Fantasy Baseball

Perfect Rotation is a free fantasy baseball game hosted by CNN/SI. Players are grouped into 10-team divisions and, prior to opening day, received a budget of $50M with which to purchase 14 players (5 pitchers, 8 position players, and 1 DH). All players are active at all times.
Any team can buy any player they can afford and any number of teams can own the same player(s). Salaries for each player rise as more teams buy them and fall as teams sell them, so part of the game strategy is to "buy low, sell high" in order to increase one's franchise value and be able to afford a team full of superstars.
Teams are limited to a season total of 75 buy/sell transactions. There is no trading between teams. Players earn "Small World Points" (SWP) for their actions during games and teams get these points while having those players on their rosters. Standings are based on a team's accumulated SWP totals.
I am currently comfortably in 1st place in my division and have more than doubled the initial value of my franchise. My team status (as of games played on 03 Sep 98) is:

Team Name: Bakksters
Division Name: Smallworld_7341
Division Rank: 1
Worldwide Rank: 1449 out of 224262
SWPs: 28814

Remaining Cash: $190,000
Roster Value: $116,170,000
Franchise Value: $116,360,000

Trades Made: 58
Trades Remaining: 17

Most Recent Trades:
(No trades this week)

PosPlayer Name, TeamSalary
PT. Hoffman, SD9,980,000
PG. Maddux, ATL$9,940,000
PR. Nen, SF7,880,000
PA. Ashby, SD5,230,000
PO. Hernandez, NYY3,720,000
CJ. Kendall, PIT6,670,000
1BM. McGwire, STL11,870,000
2BC. Biggio, HOU10,560,000
3BV. Castilla, COL7,920,000
SSA. Rodriguez, SEA9,060,000
OFS. Sosa, CHC10,940,000
OFA. Belle, CWS7,820,000
OFG. Vaughn, SD7,510,000
DHA. Gallaraga, ATL6,570,000

Full Count Fantasy Baseball

Full Count is a free fantasy baseball game hosted by Sandbox Entertainment . Players are grouped into 10-team leagues. At the beginning of the season, each team manager must select a desired order of preference (by position) for Draft Day. The draft is conducted automatically with the results being sent to each manager.
Each team owns 25 players and must select his starters each day from that roster. Starters include 8 position players, 2 "utility" players, 6 starting pitchers, and 2 relief pitchers. Managers may augment his roster by claiming unaffiliated players from the Waiver Wire or by trading with other teams in their division.
Starting players earn Fantasy Points (FPs) for their performances each day they are in the starting lineup. Benched players earn no points for that day. League standings are based upon accumulated FPs for the season.
I am currently in good shape atop my division. My team status (as of games played on 04 Sep 98) is:

Team Name: McVille Bakksters
League: Atlanta Braves Fans
League Ranking: 1

Games: 1011
Total FP: 3195.0
FP/G: 3.16

Games: 215
Total FP: 2902.0
FP/G: 13.50

Games: 1226
Total FP: 6097
FP/G: 4.97
(2nd Place Team): 5835

Most Recent Transactions:
(No trades this week)

Current Roster:
C - J. Kendall, PIT
1B - M. Grace, CHC
1B - C. Delgado, TOR
2B - C. Biggio, HOU
2B - T. Phillips, NYM
SS - W. Weiss, ATL
SS - E. Renteria, FLA
3B - S. Rolen, PHI
3B - E. Alfonzo, NYM
OF - J. Canseco, TOR
OF - M. Alou, HOU
OF - A. Belle, CHW
OF - D. Bichette, COL
OF - B. Jordan, STL
OF - R. Mondesi, LA
OF - C. Everett, HOU
SP - R. Arrojo, TB
SP - D. Cone, NYY
SP - H. Irabu, NYY
SP - S. Reynolds, HOU
SP - F. Cordova, PIT
SP - O. Hernandez, NYY
RP - T. Hoffman, SD
RP - T. Percival, ANA
RP - S. Bergman, HOU

CSS Fantasy Football League

The CSS Fantasy Football League is my office fantasy football league. Select the link above to see the full details for this league.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football is a free fantasy football game hosted by Sandbox Entertainment and Yahoo!. Franchises are grouped into 10-team leagues. Teams consist of 20 players selected by draft from which 10 players constitute the team's starting lineup. Trades are allowed between teams and all non-roster players become available to be claimed off the waiver wire.
Each week's starting lineups consist of QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 RB/WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DL, and 1 DB. The scoring system along with my current starting lineup and full roster is given below.

Scoring System Starting Lineup Current Roster
Touchdown ... 6 pts.
2-pt PAT ... 2 pts.
1-pt PAT ... 1 pt.
Safety ... 2 pts.
Field Goal ... 3 pts.
FG +50 yds ... +1 pt.
Rush/Recv ... 1 pt./20 yds
Pass/Return ... 1 pt./50 yds
Fumble ... -2 pt.
INT (QB) ... -2 pt.
INT (DL/DB) ... 2 pts.
Fumble Rec ... 2 pts.
Sack ... 2 pts.
Tackle ... 1 pt.
Forced Fumble ... 1 pt.
Blocked Kick ... 2 pts.
Pass Defensed ... 1 pt.
Missed PAT (Kick) ... -1 pt.
QB) D. Bledsoe, NE
RB) D. Levens, GB
RB) J. Bettis, PIT
WR) R. Smith, DEN
WR) K. McCardell, JAX
RB/WR) C. Pickens, CIN
TE) S. Sharpe, DEN
K) R. Longwell, GB
DL) D. Coakley, DAL
DB) T. Lyght, STL
QB) D. Bledsoe, NE
QB) S. Mitchell, DET
QB) T. Banks, STL
RB) D. Levens, GB
RB) J. Bettis, PIT
RB) T. Barber, NYG
RB) R. Zellars, NO
RB) K. Turner, PHL
WR) R. Smith, DEN
WR) K. McCardell, JAX
WR) C. Pickens, CIN
WR) M. Jackson, BAL
TE) S. Sharpe, DEN
TE) C. Gedney, ARI
K) R. Longwell, GB
K) C. Blanchard, IND
DL) D. Coakley, DAL
DL) M. Barrow, CAR
DB) T. Lyght, STL
DB) J. Campbell, WAS

Game reports and transactions will be posted here as the season progresses...

Republic of Rome

Our last game ended suddenly with a shocking "Disaster" result despite a +16 combat advantage resulting in the Republic falling due to having four Active Wars against it. Another game is getting started. This time we are using the "alternative history" rules where all three game decks are shuffled together instead of being separated into Early, Middle and Late Republic decks.

The new game is under way......*CRASH* Modern technology throws a crimp into Roman history. We were contemplating a sticky multiple-war situation in Year 4 when the game host's computer crashed and we were unable to resurrect enough of the game history to allow us to continue.

Oh, well...I guess that my Norskii Faction will have to look for another game to begin.

Gamemaster: Bruno L'Archeveque --

Advanced Civilization (computer version)

Unfortunately, the game has come to a crashing halt due to a problem with the host computer (this is not a happy trend :-( ). I was in good shape with Assyria in Turn 11 at the time. Perhaps, we can chalk it up to a comet impact (or a giant mutant lizard) wiping out all civilizations in that region? Or, are summer movies softening my brain?

History of the World (computer version)

I'm playing two six-player games and one three-player game using standard card pass rules in each game...

All games have recently concluded. I won one six-player game fairly comfortably and finished a mediocre 4th in another. The three-player game was a fierce battle to the finish and I wound up 2nd by just a few points.

Check out the History of the World on the Net (HOTWON) site to get into PBEM games of HotW! I've entered all of my current games through this service.

Update: The HOTWON site administrator may be stepping down. I hope somebody is found to replace him and continue on with what has been an excellent service for HOTW gamers.

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