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Bowling has been my #1 participation sport for over 20 years now. I was fortunate enough to get good fairly quickly and I hope I'm not through getting better. The 1995-96 season was, by far, the best I've ever had.

My 1998-99 season got off to a fast start with many big sets and a few honor scores. Then, I hit an extended dry spell that lasted through the holiday season. As 1999 begins, I'm hoping to turn things around and light up the scoreboards again. My progress will be updated weekly on this page.
    So far, this season I have 26 700s (high: 826), a high game of 300, a high average of 216.6, and an overall composite of 210.1 (125857 pins, 599 games). This season's honor scores:
07 Oct 98 (290 game in the Northside's Finest league at Northside Lanes)
09 Oct 98 (268-279-279/826 series in the Friday Mixed league at Masters Lanes)
23 Oct 98 (290 game in the "250" Classic at Masters)
28 Oct 98 (299 game in the Northside's Finest league at Northside)
08 Jan 99 (290 game in the "250" Classic at Masters)
01 Apr 99 (300 game in the Businessmen's League at Masters)

Composite breakdown by bowling center and association:
Brunswick National (Augusta) - 200.6 (34715 pins, 173 games)
AMF Masters (Augusta) - 212.7 (62547 pins, 294 games)
Augusta Bowling Association total - 208.2 (97262 pins, 467 games)
Northside Lanes (Aiken) - 216.6 (28595 pins, 132 games)

Fall/Winter League Schedule and Results
Tuesday Early -- Mixed Sundowners at Brunswick National Lanes, Augusta, GA. 5-person mixed team, hdcp, 4-pt system.
(Update: 30 Mar 99) -- Big series and *still* got ripped with eight solid taps (including six 10-pins). 238-256-257/751...
(Update: 06 Apr 99) -- Promising start cut off at the knees by massive lane breakdown near the end of the second game. 246-235-188/669...
(Update: 13 Apr 99) -- Major tap fest. 14 9-counts in all. 205-215-203/623...
(Update: 20 Apr 99) -- One word -- squirrelly. 188-213-224/625...
Average: 203.7 (19360 pins, 95 games)

Tuesday Late -- Tuesday Limited at Brunswick National Lanes. 4-man team, men only, hdcp, 7-pt system.
(Update: 16 Mar 99) -- Extremely dry condition. I had to use a White Dot (!) for the last two games, but it worked quite well. 151-222-247/620...
(Update: 23 Mar 99) --
I've finally had all I can take and turned in my two weeks' notice after this set. 177-192-179/548...
Final Average: 197.2 (15978 pins, 81 games)

Wednesday -- Northside's Finest at Northside Lanes, North Augusta, SC. 2-person mixed team, two 2-game matches, 14 pts./match, scratch, match play, no average limit.
(Update: 14 Apr 99) -- Final night of the 2nd half. We finished 4th this half, but will bowl for the league championship next week since we won the first half. 227-177-226-254/884...
(Update: 21 Apr 99) -- My partner and I won the league championship roll-off!
Final Average: 216.7 (29479 pins, 136 games)

Thursday -- Businessmen's League at AMF Masters Lanes, Augusta, GA. 5-man team, men only, hdcp., 5-pt system.
(Update: 01 Apr 99) -- No April Fools' joke here. After struggling with a weak back end for much of the first game, I ran out to my car to dig out my Triton Elite Pearl and starting whacking away. The end result was my 8th career 300 game! My last one was in July '96, so it felt good to pop another one after nearly three years. 197-247-300/744...
(Update: 08 Apr 99) -- Didn't bowl tonight due to having duty.
(Update: 15 Apr 99) -- Team went big with a 3254 set! 278-211-227/716...
(Update: 22 Apr 99) -- I was done after three games, but, the shot was done after two. This was a final night position round and we swept all our points to end up in 2nd place. I ended up with the league's high average. 224-269-201/694...
Final Average: 212.5 (17642 pins, 83 games)

Friday Early -- Friday Mixed at AMF Masters Lanes. 4-person mixed team, hdcp., 4-pt system.
(Update: 26 Mar 99) -- The start of one of those "trampoline" nights. Down-up-down-up... 182-268-194/644...
(Update: 02 Apr 99) -- Played "chase the shot" for the entire series. 169-223-195/587...
(Update: 09 Apr 99) -- Had a bit of trouble with my speed control after the first game. 233-197-207/637...
(Update: 16 Apr 99) -- Strong and consistent night. Team shot a handicap 995 in the third game. 255-225-247/727...
Average: 211.3 (19021 pins, 90 games)

Friday Late -- Yogi Hart "250" Classic at AMF Masters Lanes. 2-person mixed team, scratch, match play, 390 team average limit, 24 pts. per match.
(Update: 26 Mar 99) -- Continuation of "trampoline" scoring. 184-256-190-236/866...
(Update: 02 Apr 99) -- Played some more "chase the shot", but this time I caught it in the last game. 259-202-205-254/920...
(Update: 09 Apr 99) -- Took two games to find anything and then I couldn't miss. At one point, I had 18 strikes in 19 shots with the only miss being a solid pocket 7-10 split. 159-214-254-261/888...
(Update: 16 Apr 99) -- I took the biggest tail-kicking I've suffered in a L-O-N-G time tonight as my opponent shot a monstrous 1074 set on me. 205-235-213-241/894...
Average: 215.4 (28221 pins, 131 games)

Tournament season got off to a decent start highlighted by my 6th-place finish in the South Carolina Match Game Championship and some success in a few small in-house tournaments. December was a bad time to be mired in a slump as I had a very frustrating couple of events. Hopefully, I'll get back into top form as 1999 begins. Check this page to see how I'm doing.

(Update: 08 Feb 99) -- Aiken Association Men's City Tournament. Team event was at the venerable but difficult Family Bowl and Doubles and Singles were at Northside Lanes. Shot a mediocre 580 in the team event, 608 in Doubles and 655 in Singles (each of which was high on my pair). My team got a minor check in the scratch Team event.
(Update: 20 Mar 99) -- Augusta Bowling Association Men's City Tournament. I only competed in the 5-man team event. Scoring wasn't very high, but I did well enough to win a couple of brackets.
(Update: 18 Apr 99) -- Georgia State Tournament in Marietta. I ended up with a decent All Events total even though I didn't go big in any one event. We suffered in the Team Event due to an excess of sticky wax on the floor that got on the approaches and made sliding very difficult. Other than that, both houses were very good. 627(T)-632(S)-646(D)/1905(AE)
(Update: 26 Apr 99) -- 1999 "250" Masters Tournament. This is the tournament I most look forward to during the season! In my 6-game qualifying set, I came out strong with a 713 series. Then, I had trouble on a much tougher pair in the second set and could manage only 588 for a 1301 total and 35th place in the Top 72 roll-off on Sunday. I started the additional three-game set with a couple of splits but came back tough for a 659 series and a 1960 total that just slipped into the 32-man field for the match-play round. Unfortunately, I ran into a pair of buzzsaws in my first two matches and made a quick exit from the tournament in 25th place. Select the provided link to see the full results from this excellent tournament!

The 1997-98 season, by ABC reckoning, ended on 31 July 98. I had an up-and-down season with a few nagging injuries (including a strained rotator cuff) contributing to some irritating inconsistancies in my game. On the up-side, I fired three honor scores and set a new personal record for full-season average. On the down-side, the struggles with my game resulted in a poor overall tournament performance.
    I got my first honor scores of the 97-98 season on 29 Oct when I fired my first 298 game and third 800 series (809) in the Northside's Finest league at Northside Lanes in North Augusta, SC. The season's third honor score came with my 7th career 299 game on 09 Mar at Northside in the Monday Night Mixed league. I got my 150th career 700+ series on 18 Feb 98 with a very strong 787 at Brunswick National Lanes in Augusta, GA.
    I finished the season with 36 700's (high: 809), a high game of 299 and finished my Wednesday night league setting a new personal record for a season's high average with 222.
    The highlight of the year's tournament action was a dominating performance in the qualifying round of the "250" Masters Tournament. I shot a stunning 6-game qualifying score of 1475 -- 85 pins higher than 2nd place -- and also went on to be the 9-game qualifying leader going into match play. See the full tournament results! Other notable tournament successes were 2nd and 5th place finishes in my first two Southern Majors tournaments.

The 1996-97 season, by ABC reckoning, ended on 31 July 97. All in all, I had a decent year even if it wasn't quite as good as my career year in 1995-96. This season's highlights were my performance in the Plamor Classic singles tournament in Huntsville, AL (a 299 game and 780 series in taking 2nd place) and my Augusta Bowling Association season's high series of 252-278-278/808. I had a total of 29 series of 700 or better and ended the season with 124 such series in my career. The 808 was my 2nd career 800 series and the 299 was my 6th such honor game (to go along with seven 300s). My yearbook average for the season was 213, but I did end up a late-finishing league at 216.
    In other tournament competition, I won a Pro-Am event featuring LPBT star Dana Miller-Mackie and won money in several other events. I pulled off a bowling "three-peat" by shooting 614-728/1342 to be the "Early Bird" qualifying leader in the "250" Masters Tournament for the third consecutive year. Unfortunately, I lost my first two matches in the finals and ended up finishing 27th.

The season's highlight had to be breaking the Augusta Bowling Association 3-game series record on 8 Dec 1995 by shooting a series of 299-299-244/842. Other high score awards for the season included five 300 games, three 299 games, a 297 and three 290 games. I also had 51 series of 700 or better and an unsanctioned 800 in winning a Pro-Am tournament headlined by PBA national touring pro Bob Learn, Jr. My high average for the year was 220.
    I finally decided to test myself at the professional level and competed in three Southern Region PBA events, cashing in two of them and making the match play round in one (finishing 11th with a 9-7 record). I also brought home a check from a US Open Qualifying event in Rock Hill, SC - just missing the cut for match play by 11 pins.
    I also had great success in amateur tournament competition. Topping the list was taking four 2nd-place finishes and a 4th while cashing in all 8 events in the Georgia State Championship Tournament. I was in 1st place in Scratch Singles, Scratch Team and Handicap Team until the last weekend of the tournament and got bumped out of all of them. I also finished in 2nd place in the scratch All Events with a 2079 total - just 25 pins short. Ranking a close second was my 3rd place finish in the prestigious "250" Masters Club Tournament in Augusta. In this tournament, I shot a 300 game in the winner's bracket semifinals, and lost in the winner's bracket finals despite shooting a 279 game.

The "250" Masters Club is open to membership by any bowler who has bowled a game of 250 or better in ABC-sanctioned league or tournament competition. All members are eligible to compete in the William J. Kirchheim, Jr. Memorial "250" Masters Invitational Scratch Singles tournament -- conducted over the last two weekends in April at Masters Lanes in Augusta, GA. The Club also sponsors the Al "Yogi" Hart "250" Masters League -- a scratch doubles league bowling at Masters Lanes on Friday nights.

See the 1999 "250" Masters Tournament final results!

See the 1998 "250" Masters Tournament official final results/prizes listing!

See the 1997 "250" Masters Tournament official final results/prizes listing!

See the final results/prizes listing for the 1998 Senior "250" Masters!

The 6th Southeast Bowling Association Tournament began on 31 May 1997 and was hosted by AMF Masters Lanes (team event) and Brunswick National Lanes (doubles and singles events) in Augusta, GA.

See the official SBA Tournament results and prize list!

My equipment lineup is currently: Triton TKO, Ocean Blue Triton, Triton Heat, Triton Elite and Triton Elite Pearl from Track, along with an AMF Night Hawk and Violet Offset 3-D Hammer.
I wear Dexter SST IVs, use a Cobra 3 wristband, and carry everything around in a Macho Mule six-ball carrier.

300 Games: 8
299 Games: 8
298 Games: 1
297 Games: 1
290 Games: 7
High Series: 842 (299-299-244)
800+ Series: 4 (842, 826, 809, 808)
700+ Series: 186
11-in-a-row: 9
High Average (fall/winter): 222.78, 1997-98
High Average (summer): 222.96, 1996

Between them, the first three sites listed below cover just about everything you'll want to know about bowling. They are packed with news, stats, product information, and lots of other good stuff. They'll also lead you to practically any other bowling-related site on the Net. Try 'em all! In addition, there is a link to the official web site for the American Bowling Congress's 95th Annual Tournament. This site contains the current leader board and numerous related bits of information.

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Yes, absolutely! Considering some of the other sports that are in the Olympics, I find it incomprehensible that bowling has not yet been included. If you feel the same way, you can make your voice heard.
    There is a petition circulating on the Net that you can download, print, sign, and send off to the International Olympic Committee that will add your voice to those of untold numbers of bowling enthusiasts. Select "PETITION" to see and download/print it!

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