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The Keystorm lies in the St Lawrence river just off Mallorytowne landing.

The Keystorm is a steel canaler ; our first look was during a night dive ; she has steel masts with large gussets supporting them at the deck level. I was fascinated and still haven't quite figured out her place in history. Here are some specifics

Built In England 1910    Sank Oct 26 1912

Length 250 feet  Beam 42' 5"  Draft 17' 5"

Depth 30 feet to 110 feet

This wreck is neat because of the varied depth; its a great computer dive with lots to see. There may be some current but the wreck provides shelter. You will either moor on the bow or the forward mast.

This winch sits on the rail I'm Guessing it was used to pull the ship thru the canal. 

Key4.jpg (4784 bytes)Key1.jpg (7822 bytes)Key27.jpg (17057 bytes)     





These shots show the bow and the winch that sits behind the pilot house

 Key3.jpg (8842 bytes)Key5.jpg (8362 bytes)Key8.jpg (8812 bytes)

Keybow.jpg (10523 bytes)   Keywin~1.jpg (8256 bytes)   Keyfrt.jpg (8452 bytes)

These are the first steel masts I've seen Note the belaying pin. I am not sure if these wee used for actual sail or just for cargo handling.

Keymast.jpg (7997 bytes)    Keybwpin.jpg (24380 bytes)

Learn more thru Bowling Greens Database "Historical Collections of the Great Lakes". The Keystorm was registry number 129749 and a photo is in the vessels database.

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