THE GRATEFUL DEAD - "Falling Stars"



I was visiting a friend in Montana and was making the rounds to local CD shops. In this one shop I found, to my suprise, a bin of Grateful Dead bootleg CDs. I couldn't pass up seeing what shows were available (thisway before the age of the internet!). Apparently this disk was released in Europe and what I seemed to have purchased is a CD-ROM copy of the disk. The actual title is "Fallin Stars". Anyways, with a line up of Weather Report Suite, Dark Star, and China Doll, it was a rare find indeed. Obviously the person printing the cover had never been to Missoula, becasue Missoula was spelled "Mazulo". Well, maybe they had been to Missoula, but they had such a good time they missed the spelling of this fun town.

The show is recorded at the Addams Field House at the University of Montana on May 14, 1974. This is Set II. Donna and Keith are here, and Donna keeps the screeching to a minimum; she sounds pretty good most the way through. The sound quality is phenominal. Very rarely have a heard a live show from this early sound as good as this with the exception of the official releases. Needless to say, the playing is amazing. Dark Star goes way out with periods of massive guitar feedback (I'm sure my neighboors appreciate it!). At points the jamming is reminiscent of Miles Davis from the same time period as this recording - sans trumpet, of cours).

If you run across this in the import section, then pick it up- it's worth the highly inflated prices 'Dead bootlegs go for these days. Now... I wonder where Set I is....??

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(This site does't have THIS disk, but could I recommend Dick's Picks III?)