Wall Street Journal Notes Success of Activists' Market Campaigns, Forest Certification

October 25, 2000

Forest activists' efforts to convince major retailers to phase out old growth and other wood from endangered forests, and to instead stock wood from forests certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system, made headlines in the September 26 Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Along with Home Depot, Wickes, Anderson Windows, and other retailers that sell over 20% of the wood used for home improvement have vowed to help protect endangered forests. According to the WSJ, "industry executives say the movement is quickly reaching critical mass, and could soon make it a liability for wood-products producers not to have the FSC imprimatur."

. . . Unlike industry greenwashing scams, the FSC's certification system uses: independent forest management standards that include key environmental goals; third party certifiers; chain of custody monitoring; and a democratic membership that includes social and environmental interests. There is also an effort underway to improve and strengthen FSC's standards that you can be involved in. For more information on the FSC or competing industry efforts, see http://www.americanlands.org/forestweb/sfi.htm or contact American

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