Home Depot to Give Up Selling Old Growth

Michael Johnsen

Home Depot, the largest single retailer of lumber in the world, said it will stop selling goods made from wood cut in ancient forests in a policy change aimed at protecting redwoods, the rain forest and other ecologically sensitive tracts. It said it had already informed vendors of the policy change, which would be completed by the end of 2002, when it would no longer sell lauan, redwood or cedar from old-growth forests in which trees are often thousands of years old.

"Our pledge to our customers, associates and stockholders is that Home Depot will stop selling wood products from environmentally sensitive areas," said Home Depot President and CEO Arthur Blank. "Home Depot embraces its responsibility as a global leader to help protect endangered forests. We will eliminate from our stores wood from endangered areas and give preference to certified wood."

This is a huge victory for everyone who has been encouraging Home Depot to stop selling old growth wood products. Activists need to continue working to ensure that Home Depot fully implements and enforces this policy. Thanks to Rainforest Action Network, Greenpeace, Free the Planet, Sierra Club Student Coalition, Student Environmental Action Coalition, Forest Action Network and Earth Culture and to all the grassroots organizations and activists who worked so hard to bring about this major change of policy to protect old growth forests around the world