Bush Administration Breaks Campaign Promise on Climate Change - Refuses to Regulate CO2 Emissions

To: All Activists

From: Steve Holmer

Date: March 14, 2001

In a stunning about face, President George Bush announced yesterday that he is opposed to federal rules to curb CO2 emissions. Bush broke a promised made during the campaign to support CO2 regulations after encountering strong resistance from coal and oil industries and from Republican allies in Capitol Hill, reports The Washington Post.

Bush also abandoned EPA Director Christine Todd Whitman who only days ago had indicated that the administration would keep its promise to take substantial action to address global climate change by regulating CO2. Moderate Republicans Jim Jeffords (R-VT) and Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) who plan on introducing bipartisan legislation this week to reduce carbon emissions to 1990 levels were also undercut by the President's flip-flop.

Bush cited an Energy Department study showing that restrictions in CO2 emissions would lead to higher energy prices. Coal and oil industry officials said Bush's decision ensures a more "balanced" energy and environmental policy. Industry officials also warned that any effort to cap carbon emissions would complicate or foil administration efforts to boost domestic energy production.

Bush Promises to Drill the Arctic and Other Wild Places The Administration continues to promote an energy policy calling for oil drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, the Front Range of the Rockies, and many other wild places across the nation. Just as the Administration justifies no action on climate change due to the "energy crisis," they are arguing that America must sacrifice its few remaining wildlands for a few months worth of oil.

Bush Promises to Roll Back National Monument Protections. With much fanfare, Interior Secretary recently announced that the Administration would not overturn the National Monuments created by President Clinton. Nobody mentioned that President Bush doesn't have the power to revoke these designations. However, the President with help from Congress can undermine these National Monuments by passing legislation or riders to change boundaries or allow oil drilling, off-road vehicles and mining.

Please contact Chief of Staff Andrew Card at 202/456-6797, fax 202/456-1907 and let him know you are very disappointed in President Bush's environmental policies. Urge the President to:

1. Support regulations reducing CO2 emissions to curb global climate change;

2. Oppose drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and other wild places; and

3. Oppose opening any National Monuments to mining, oil drilling, off-road vehicles or other harmful activities.


Steve Holmer

Campaign Coordinator

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