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02/16/01 Court Orders Army Corp to Alter Snake River Dams

12/07/00 Army Corp in Bed with Industry Says Pentagon Investigation

05/04/00 Snake River Dams Must be Removed to Satisfy Clean Water Act

01/10/00 New Twist in River Wars Recreation Vies With Navigation for Commercial Use

11/09/99 California Dams Along Battle Creek Falling to Aid Salmon

10/05/99 Snake River Dam Removals Won't Disrupt Grain Flow

06/07/99 America's Largest Point Source Violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act Goes Unenforced


04/01/01 United States Petroleum Consumption 1973 - 2000 Graph

3/14/01 Bush Administration Breaks Campaign Promise on Climate Change - Refuses to Regulate CO2 Emissions

3/8/01 Bush Plans Energy Cuts in Energy Efficiency and Alternative Fuels Budgets

11/29/00 Hague Talks End Without Agreement

7/29/00 Researchers Take New York City's Temperature

7/20/00 NASA: Greenland Ice Cap Is Melting

5/5/00 Affirmation on Climate Change

3/16/00 Florida Keys Pass Resolution On Global Warming

3/1/00 Little Ice Age Holds Big Climate Clues

3/1/00 Texaco Quits Global Warming Group

2/15/00 Global Warming Ruffles Wildlife, Study Says

2/7/00 Coral Provides Clues to Climate Change

2/3/00 Study Links El Nino and Climate Warming to Diarrhea Increase

1/13/00 Global Warming Is 'Real,' Report Finds

1/7/00 Clinton Announces Funding to Address Global Warming

12/3/99 Sea Ice Shrinking in Artctic Waters

10/28/99 Report Hints at Extreme Climate Change

7/15/99 Sahara Turned to Desert in Abrupt Climate Change

6/30/99 Global Warming Estimates Rise Slightly

5/24/99 Animals Migrating North in Response to Climate Change


6/07/01 Chief Bosworth Announces Roadless Areas Open for Logging

5/10/01 Roadless Rule Overturned Due to Bush Administration Failure to Defend It in Court

04/17/01 Personal Watercraft Banned in All National Parks

01/08/01 Forest Service Chief Calls for End to Old Growth Logging Conservationists Laud Agency

12/12/00 Timber Program Continues to Decline Thanks to Forest Activists

11/13/00 Roadless Area Policy Bans Logging & Roadbuilding on 50 Million Acres

10/25/00 Wall Street Journal Notes Success of Activists' Market Campaigns, Forest Certification

8/29/00 Sierra Club Report Shows National Forests are More Valuable Alive than Dead

7/15/00 SPECIAL REPORT: Commercial Logging For Wildfire Prevention: Facts VS Fantasies

7/14/00 Environmental Groups Sue To Halt Southeast Timber Sales

7/13/00 GAO Blast Forest Service and BLM Land Exchange Program, Reveals Major Scams

6/29/00 Survey Reveals Eastern Old Growth Bonanza

5/25/00 New Zealand Ends Old Growth Logging; U.S. Plans To Log More

5/15/00 U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Livestock Grazing Rules

4/27/00 National Park Service Bans Snowmobiles at Most Parks

4/5/00 Top Ten Endangered U.S. National Parks

3/16/00 National Forest Logging is Bad Business

3/6/00 Smog-Choked Yellowstone Mulls Snowmobile Ban

1/15/00 Acid Rain, Ozone Pollution Threaten Eastern Forests

1/12/00 Clinton Creates, Expands Four National Monuments

11/30/99 World Trade Organization's (WTO) Impact on Global Forests

11/23/99 Interior Bill Finally Finished - Forests and Grasslands Win Some and Lose Some

8/6/99 Air Pollution Invades America's Vacation Spots

9/5/99 Home Depot to Give Up Selling Old Growth

7/30/99 Americans Say ProtectRoadless Areas

3/3/99 Headwaters Deal Goes Through


New GMO Problem: Unknwon DNA showing up in GMO Soybeans 8/16/01

Atlantic Salmon Listed on Endangered Species List 11/14/00

Colorado Off Road Vehicle Mud Fest Destroys Wetlands 10/29/00

Genetically Modified Corn Unsuitable For Human Consumption Found in Grocery Store Food 9/19/00

Listing Sage Grouse Could Save West From Itself 9/3/00

American Lands Alliance Urges the Clinton Administration to Place a Moratorium on Approval of Genetically Engineered Trees Until Their Environmental Safety Can be Assured 7/25/00

Genetically Modified Organisms as Invasive Species 7/6/00

Survey Reveals Eastern Old Growth Bonanza 6/29/00

Wilderness, International Loans, and Protests 4/20/00

Western Pine Species Loses Ground to Neglect 3/20/00

Talks to Open on Divisive Issue of Gene-Altered Foods 1/24/00

Greenpeace "Santa" Stops Illegal Whaler from Hunting 12/22/99

Study: Gene-Modified Corn Releases Insecticide in Soil 12/1/99

Shad Get New Fishladder at Little Falls in Washington DC 10/12/99

Animals Migrating North in Response to Climate Change 5/24/99

Initial Lab Tests Show Genetically Modified Bt Corn Harms Monarch Butterflies - 5/21/99

9 Bear Poachers Busted on East Coast - 4/17/99

Northwest Cities Protect Salmon, More Species Listed - 4/17/99


3/22/01Current Environmental Rollbacks by GW Bush Thus Far, Part One

2/28/01Supreme Court Upholds Clean Air Act Standards

1/13/01Global Environment Reaches Dangerous Crossroads - World Watch Report 2001

8/3/00 FDA Legalized Food Irradiation Without Adequately Evaluating Its Risks, Dismissed Evidence of Serious Public Health Hazards

7/24/00 Public CitizenPublic Citizen Challenges U.S. Government Decision to Legalize the Irradiation of Eggs

7/12/00 EPA Issues Non-Point Source Bill in Defiance of Congress

6/29/00 Maryland, Virginia, & Pennsylvania Agree to Protect Chesapeake Bay, Slow Urban Sprawl

6/14/00 EPA Exempts Forestry Industry From Clean Water Act

3/22/00 EPA Seeks To End Use Of Additive In Gasoline

1/15/00 Acid Rain, Ozone Pollution Threaten Eastern Forests

8/6/99 Air Pollution Invades America's Vacation Spots

Ex-CIA Director Lobbies to Legalize Industrial Hemp - 4/30/99

America's Largest Point Source Violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act Goes Unenforced 6/7/99

WorldWatch Institute's Vital Signs 1999 Released 6/3/99