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Dr. R.E. Nida & son Eugene, 1916

Alma Ruth (McCullough) Nida, 1917

The Nida Family in St. John, Kansas

The County Capital, Feb. 17, 1916



The business ledgers of the W.R. Gray Photography Studio, 116 N. Main in St. John, Kansas, first show Dr. Nida coming in to the studio to have a photo of his son made on Oct. 1, 1915.




Dr. R.E. Nida ran his first business ad to promote his chiropractic clinic in St. John in The County Capital, Feb. 3, 1916 (p5, c4). According to the ad, his “adjusting rooms are over Hoaglin’s Drug Store.”


Mrs. Nida visited the W.R. Gray Photography Studio on Feb. 14, 1916, where she had a photo of their 15-month-old son made.


On Feb. 17, 1916, Dr. Nida published an ad announcing his new chiropractic assistant, Daisy Bayne.


In Dr. Nida’s March 9, 1916 ad (p3, c2), the adjusting rooms are listed as being “1st door S. Court House.” There is also a larger ad on Page 8 (c5&6) of the same edition announcing that Drs. Nida & Bayne would move “after March 15, 1916.”


On April 24, 1916, Dr. Nida went to the Gray Studio to have a photo made of himself sitting with his 17-month-old son.


On July 20, 1916, Dr. R.E. Nida published the final ad listing Daisy Bayne as his assistant (The County Capital, p1, c6). There was also an ad in that edition (p1, c6) introducing Dr. Jennie Mueller who would be “associated with Dr. R.E. Nida of St. John.” She would work throughout the week in Seward, Radium and Hudson, Kansas.




According to The County Capital, Jan. 11, 1917 (p5, c1), Mrs. R.E. Nida was a “visitor in Hutchinson last Tuesday.”


Dr. Nida’s ad does not appear in any edition of The County Capital after Oct. 25, 1917.


Mrs. Nida visited W.R. Gray’s Photography Studio on Dec. 4, 1917, and had eight photos made of her little boy, identified by Mr. Gray as “Eugene” (Book #5, Page 32, Line 18).


Dr. & Mrs. Nida went back to the studio Dec. 10, 1917, where they each had a photo made of themselves.


After St. John


The 1920 Federal Census shows R.E. Nida, 36, living in Holton, Jackson Co., Kansas with his wife, Alma R., 36, sons Eugene Albert, 5, and Clarence Robert, 1. The census reveals that their home was rented and that R.E. Nida had “no trade” at that time.


Eugene Albert Nida was born Nov. 11, 1914, in Oklahoma City. His on-line biographies state his family moved to Long Beach, California when he was five years old (sometime between when the census was taken Jan. 22, 1920, and his sixth birthday on Nov. 11 of that year).


Eugene Albert Nida studied Latin in high school. He earned college degrees in Greek and Latin, a Master’s degree in New Testament Greek and a doctorate in Linguistics. He became an ordained Baptist minister, joined the staff of the American Bible Society in 1943, and eventually became Executive Secretary for Translations. He was 44th president of the Linguistic Society of America. He learned eight languages, published more than 40 books and many articles about languages, translations and Bible scholarship. He visited 85 countries, translated the Holy Bible into more than 200 languages and helped write the Good News Bible.


He married Althea Lucille Sprague in 1943. She passed away in 1993. He married Dr. Maria Elena Fernandez-Miranda in 1997. Rev. Eugene A. Nida died Aug. 25, 2011, at the age of 96 in Madrid, Spain. His second wife survives him.


According to and the 1920 Federal Census, Dr. Richard Eugene Nida (Eugene's father) was born April 5, 1884, in Kansas. Both of his parents were born in Illinois. He died Feb. 21, 1960, in Orange Co., California.


Alma Ruth (McCullough) Nida (Eugene's mother), was born Oct. 18, 1884, in Illinois where both of her parents were born. She died July 18, 1970, in Orange Co., California.


Richard and Alma Nida are both buried at Westminster Memorial Park, in Orange Co., California.


Clarence Robert Nida (Eugene's brother) became a gospel minister. He died in June 1990, at the age of 71 in Greensboro, North Carolina. 


Eugene Albert Nida, 1915

Eugene A. Nida
Eugene A. Nida, 1917

Eugene A. Nida, 1917

Eugene A. Nida, 1917

Eugene A. Nida, 1917